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Google Drive logoGoogle Drive shows a sudden appearance and launch in the Android Market, i.e. the Play Store where its a platform to create, share, collaborate and save all the stuff of yours. The document stuff just gets better with the Google Drive, and the long awaited feature from Google which was expected to be out on Tuesday, has been launched already and there are several things you can do with the same. The Google Drive assists in uploading and accessing all the files, and the file types include the videos, photos, PDF files and even all the Google Docs files.

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To go into the depth about the Google Drive, there are several functions which can be done. These include:

  • Creation and editing of the Google Docs directly from Google Drive, and this can be done on real time, and the main advantage of this being that the users from several locations can edit the same document at the same time, just like one does on the desktop browsers (remember Google Wave?).
  • While someone is editing and creating new documents, you can add comments, reply to other comments on any of the files and Google doc and to enhance the productivity, Google has included the notifications which on real-time would let you know if someone commented on the shared items.
  • Google Drive is universal for products – One could install the same Drive from all the platforms including the mobile, computers with Windows, Mac OS etc. and the only exception right now is the iOS platform which hasn’t got the Google Drive support.
  • Security is what Google always focuses on, and the Drive is totally secure at one place and what the users would find the advantage of it, is that irrespective of what happens to the mobile phone or laptop or computer, the files and content that is present in the Google Drive stays the same.

What Google Drive can give to Android users:

  • Accessing the online stored photos, documents, videos and other files directly from the Android phone.
  • Sharing the files from the folder to any of your contacts.
  • Making quick changes to the spreadsheets and other documents in the Google docs.
  • Uploading files directly into the Google Drive folder from the file system of the Android phone.

Initially, the Google Drive comes with the free 5GB storage and this can later be upgraded to better plans where the following options of upgradation are available:

  • 25GB for $2.49 per month
  • 100GB for $4.99 per month
  • 1TB for $49.99 per month

One more advantage of the Google Drive upgradation is that the Gmail storage of what somewhere around 7GB right now is, gets expanded to 25GB and for the heavy users of Gmail would not have any hassle of deleting mails daily to maintain a good limit.

The Google Drive gets better with the search feature being more filtered, where one can search by the file type, name, owner name etc. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology of the tool would recognize the content within the document that you scanned or captured using the device camera, and the search terms you enter would even help you search through those scanned documents and brings out results which the normal Google search or the Android search in the phone wouldn’t be able to do.

Conversion of the printed text into Google Document was long awaited directly into the Android devices, and the data entry stuff is made easier with no more than few seconds needed for the same. Just scan a paper with the printed text, and you would see the same text as the normal typed out text in a Google document which you can even access from the web.

The Google Drive is already popular and well known within an hour of its launch, and there are several features in the pipeline awaited by the users, and being worked on by the developers.

Google Drive Desktop

You need to go to to show your interest in using Google Drive, and the same can be downloaded through the Google Play store in your Android device. Syncing files is easy as once you get the desktop version of the Google Drive, you would be able to access and edit the documents at the same time from the mobile and desktop devices.

Download Google Drive – Direct APK Download | PLAY Store Link



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