Sony Android 3.0 Tablets S1 S2 Features Review & Specs

Sony logoIn a bid to counter attack the latest offerings by other companies, Sony has now got into the bandwagon of launching the latest products with its state of art expertise by announcing the launch of the optimally designed Sony Tablet which comes flavored with the latest Honeycomb 3.0 version of Gingerbread. Though this tablet is not yet commercially available, this is now code named as the S1 which will be built keeping in mind the rich media content as well as the needs of mobile communication as well as the entertainment.

Just on the lines of S which now almost every other company follows like be it an iPhone 3GS or the famous Galaxy S or Galaxy S 2 or say HTC Wildfire S, Desire S and many such more phones to name it all of these have the “S” factor and now even Sony too stepped in this S war.

Sony Tablets S1 and S2

Apart from the Honeycomb 3.0 version of Android, the SONY tablets will also come with the large screen size along with the features like Wi Fi, WLAN (3G / 4G) making it a very future ready phones and also not to forget the special dedicated engine for Internet access with which you can smoothly access the content in the digital format such as the videos, games, books and other content from the Sony’s Premium network and that too on the go, isn’t it exciting.

SONY will soon come out with the two variants of the Tablets that are S1 as well as the S2. S1 will be coming up with a whopping large screen that is with a 9.4 inches of screen size which is just ideal to experience web and rich content and also the design is built in such a way that you can easily grip with a sense of stability and lightness, offering comfortable use for hours.

Another tablet from the Sony apart from S1 is the S2 which will be sporting a 5.5 inches of screen size which is really ultra portable when we talk of tablets as it has a dual screen presentation with which it displays to be combined which can be then made used as a large screen for different functions which helps showing control buttons on the other screen as it will not hold any keys at the keyboard.

Also, after the recent 4 inch sized phones and a 7 inched tablet, this tablet size of 5.5 inches tablet which even has a dual screen marks itself in an all new segment and as soon as this one gets launched it will be the  thing to watch out. So, if you are excited to get your hands on with this device then all you need to do is to just wait till the fall Winter 2011 to arrive as in when these devices will be unveiled by Sony.

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