Asus PadFone Tablet Android 4.0 Features, Specs & Review

Asus Padfone LogoMany times you might have either heard a tablet pad or even a smart phone individually but have you ever hear a thing called Padfone which means Tablet Pad + Smart Phone? Yes, if not, now the time has now arrived as ASUS unveils an all new concept of technology gadgets where in you can now enjoy the benefit of both pad as well as fone about which we will be checking out in the due course of the article. This padfone caters the services to the both of the lovers who want an innovation which takes care of perfect blend of seamless integration between the pad as well as the phone to provide you the best of both the Worlds. The internet access from the 3G network connection is shared between the phone and pad, as data storage is streamlined through a single storage pool. This Asus Padfone comes along with the best of the class hardware which makes it even possible to load the future version of Android which is nothing but the Ice cream sandwich.

Specifications and Review:

To name a few, this phone has it all right from WiFi to the bluetooth to the sim card slot to facilitate the communication and also the best part is that you can even extend the battery to charge your phone and also not to forget it also has a video conferencing capability so that you can easily share with family and friends. Also, you can now eliminate data transfer hassle with the help of single storage pool. Asus also confirmed that this tablet will soon come out with the version of Ice cream sandwich version for this tablet close to in the December at the time of Christmas and also as of now this device runs on the Honeycomb 3.0 version which is upgradable to the next version which is 3.1 very soon.

This whole setup comes with a tablet which is of 10.1 inches while it also shells a 4.3 inched screen sized smart phone within itself  which is packed at the backside of the tablet as shown in the below pictures in the Gallery. The best part of this phone is that it’s very compact and you will no longer will have to carry both the setups that is the smart phone as well as the tablet of 10.1 inches as just within the one you can pack the two of these and so it’s called as the Padfone.

Gallery :

Padfone 1Padfone 2Padfone 3Padfone 4Padfone 5Padfone 7Padfone 6

Multimedia, Battery and Memory:

This Asus Padfone comes along with the host of Multimedia features ranging from the WI FI to the bluetooth to the other features like music, 3.5 mm music jack support to the support of all the famous codecs like DivX, AAC, FLAC, AC3. AC+ etc so that all the formats will run in your smart phone as well as tab successfully. Though this is a new concept, it will take quite a sometime to pick the sales or even to get to know about this. There is no word on the processing speed as well as the processor make but it’s being speculated as the dual core Tegra 2 processor with 1 GHz. Apart from this this padfone comes with 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, autofocus to give the best and high quality images. though zooming the photos tends to detoriate the image quality and also this phone comes along with the secondary camera with which one can enjoy the benefit of 3G Video calling and thus makes this phone future READY when 3G is adopted on a larger scale. Not to forget that this phone comes along with the latest version of Swype which is the big plus when it comes to the Android typing experience.

Though we couldn’t pull up the details on the battery but the company says the battery life is at par if compared with any other tablets which is present in the market. This perfectly will fit into your needs as the battery is the one which should be optimized and as per the sources it has a Li Ion battery which almost gives a great life to the pad.

This phone can store unlimited call log entries as well as unlimited sms text messages and has a capability to store unlimited entries. Though there is no data released in the internal memory but this phone can accommodate a maximum of 32 GB of SD card but as soon as the update is available on the same, then we will surely update over here. But the best part remains that this can accommodate unlimited entries of all the messages, contacts as well as the call logs.

Good battery life,
Good low budget placement of the phone with almost all the features in this phone,
Overall feel of this phone is great as this one comes with the good quality of plastic,
Camera quality is impressive as the resolution is just great.

Audio quality too is not that much great as sound quality just tends to split the voice
Less internal memory

Cost and Availability:

Though the availability of this ASUS Padfone is not still not known but this Asus PAD Fone is slated to launch at a price of around 500$ though nothing is confirmed yet and most importantly the cost of this padfone includes the cost of a phone of 4.3 inches too which makes this padfone really affordable. This is slated to launch by the third quarter of this year. So, as soon as this is launched, we will surely update with the same. This phone will be initially be available with the select markets but soon this phone will also be launched worldwide in all the markets.



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