SONY releases Official video for Unlocking Bootloader – Details

Unlocking the boot loader of the SONY smartphones will be very easy now as SONY unveils an all new video which tells more about on how to unlock the boot loader. Just in case if you are not aware on what does unlocking the boot loader mean, then we will tell you about the same. Once the device boot loader is unlocked, one can root the device / flash the custom ROMs to make the most of the device. This is especially helpful for the devices for which SONY doesn’t come out with the firmware updates. There may be few older devices for which SONY might have stopped releasing the updates but all thanks to the developer community which make sure that device is on the latest OS like Lollipop 5.0 even on legacy devices.

While in the above mentioned video, XPERIA Z2 Android smartphone has been shown for the boot loader unlocking, but the same can be followed for most of the devices. While it was never a thing when SONY actively said or promoted anything about the boot loader but this strategy from SONY is a welcoming thing for android users. Android is known for customization and there is no point in hiding the customizing options from people. The only sad part is that SONY doesn’t guarantee the performance on the rooted or boot loader unlock devices for obvious reasons. Please take a note that though SONY has posted an official video, if you still go ahead and root / unlock the boot loader, the warranty will get void. And if you don’t follow the thorough instructions for unlocking the bot loader, you may even brick the device. So do let us know in the comments section just in case if you wish to unlock the boot loader of any of your SONY device.

Source: SonyXperiaDev via XDA



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