Speaktoit App is Siri for Android using Natural Language Technology

Speaktoit Android A day back Apple updated iOS 5 operating system with Siri a virtual speaking assistance for you to answers your questions and perform various tasks on your phone. Also earlier it was rumored by Google that it would release the same application for the Ice Cream Sandwich. But in competition with Apple, Google launches it just a day after when the Siri is announced by Apple.

Speaktoit Assistant is talking application on your Android phone available for free download at Android Apps Labs. The Speaktoit Assistant by Speaktoit LLC. This apps when installed on your Android phone answers all of your question in natural languages in reply to questions asked by your by voice. Putting in together the technology of Google Voice and Android, although Speaktoit Assistant is launched in against to Apple iOS 5 Siri app but this is a major development by Google in the Android Market segment since a long time.

With Speaktoit Assistant talking friend for your smartphone. Working with it is very simple, install the apps, run it and speak out anything like ask questions, find information, launch apps or connect with various web services, in reply from Speaktoit Assistant will provide you the possible answer or reply through a human voice. The Speaktoit Assistant is successfully tested and works with your smartphone to get news, images, send email and much more. The Speaktoit Assistant is still in beta stage but still this can perform task and lot of enhancements are on line in the coming days.

It allows you to talk like a human voice instead of robots. I liked the way how good it works but still the response which comes from Speakoit on Android sounds more often like a robotic sounding voice.

Speaktoit Android Speaktoit Android Speaktoit Android Speaktoit Android Speaktoit Android Speaktoit Android

Speaktoit Assistant App Download

The Speaktoit Assistant Android apps can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free and support all the mobile phones. Visit the site from your mobile phone and click on Install, it will start installing the apps on your phone and run the apps to use it.

Finally on the other side Google is ready and has set a date of Oct 19, 2011 as the launch of new Ice Cream Sandwich OS along with the launch Google Nexus Prime. So are the world users ready for human sounding virtual assistant on their phone?



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