Android Optical Character Recognition App for Image to Text Conversion

Google Goggles Whatever Google does turns into gold. Their step into mobile operating system became successful and it’s not ruling the market. Google constantly comes out with helpful things which makes the life easy. Google Goggles is one of those Google development which makes many things easy for work on your mobile.

Google Goggles Android App

With Google Goggles you can search the world with images. It’s a specially designed application by Google. This apps performs the task of searches based on pictures taken by your mobile phone, tablets and other handheld devices. Now you can take the picture of the landmark and know what its name and the complete history of it.

Google Goggle is designed for perfect work on the Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices and other platforms such as iOS for iPhone and BlackBerry OS for BlackBerry phones. So as such Google Goggles will work for Android mobile phones too.

Google Goggles for Android can virtually identify most of the things like label, landmarks, text, visiting cards, books and lot more. So with this app on your mobile phone no need to worry of the languages that you don’t understand, but importantly you should have the text written and you can project your phone camera after opening the Google Goggles on your mobile phone to translate the text into the language that you understand. So this app also can be used as the real time languages translation tool on your mobile phone.

With this apps, just by scanning the books covers you can discover, buy and find information of it without typing anything on your mobile phone. Also by just scanning the visiting card using this apps you can easily save the contact information.

By just scanning the logo you can know about the company, scanning the painting find the owner, find information on wine too. I think this is must have apps on your mobile phone. It can also help you in solving the Su Do Ku puzzle.

Google Goggles Google Goggles Google Goggles

Google Goggles as App for Image to Text Conversion

You might have heard of Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Interestingly there aren’t a lot of OCR apps available for Android. The Google Goggles is the best program of those apps.

You can use Google Goggles as the OCR recognition tool to convert the image text into copyable text. Now the copied text can be put anywhere in your phone, it can be used for editing, direct message, Gmail or anything other which you could imagine. The language translation also would allow you to copy the text and make it useful.

Google Goggles Download

Google Goggles app for Android mobile phone can be downloaded from the Android Apps Labs. This app is available for free download to be used on the various devices but make sure that this is compatible on your mobile phone.

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