Stream Local & Cloud Stored Content to Chromecast via Mycast App

The Google Chromecast device was pretty well received by the market when it was launched, especially for the new technology that many might not tried out till date, especially when it is from Google. But when its out, people always expect more out of it. The streaming dongle from Google has been doing pretty well for now but talking about the additional support for the apps or websites, one of them is the streaming of the local media content onto the larger screens.


Koush Dutta, one of the ClockWorldMod developers, has done some work on enhancing the functionality of the Chromecast, and thus came out the MyCast app which gives the ability in streaming not just the content stored on the Android device, but also the content that is stored on the cloud. Using your Android device as a remote control between the larger screen and the Chromecast, one can stream the videos that are stored in the public folder on the Dropbox or Google Drive.

The app is not available right now for the users, because Koush mentioned on his Google+ page that although the entire development stuff is done, he is waiting for the App ID from Google Cast engineering manager, so that it works on all the devices.

We might anyways see the app being available directly on the Google Play Store and then you can try to do the best of what Koush has been trying to work on.

There are quite a few such streaming devices already, but with Android being Google’s own property and Chromecast too, it should be a good one in the long run where the company might be coming up with a lot of updates and improvements. Check the various reviews on Amazon if you are thinking to purchase one, and were confused for the decision.

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