Securely Backup and Restore your SMS, Call Log, Contacts, SD Data [Get Free Extra Space]

We know there’s a load of apps which does the same job of securely backing up of the private data from the Android phones, but this app that we are going to talk about, does the job in the simplest way and the main aspect is covered – Security and trust. Many a times the apps are selected based on the user reviews, and that was the reason for us to select this app for a review and trial. The G Cloud Backup app is what we are talking about, and the “G” here might be representing the app maker Genie9.

G Cloud Backup App for Android – Data Backup & Restore

The app describes itself with “Backup and protect your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music and videos to a secure cloud location”.

Initially, you are going to get 1GB of free space which is more than enough for storing your contacts, SMS, Call log (most of the devices store a max of 500 logs) and at least 500 photos of yours. More than you device being lost, you would be worried about the content and your private data being wiped off if the device is no more in your hands, and that is where apps like the G Cloud Backup help, with the daily automated syncing and backing up of the data that you wish to store.

G Cloud Backup App Dashboard G Cloud Backup App

G Cloud Backup App Setup G Cloud Backup App Uploaded Files

Features of the G Cloud Backup App

Below are listed a few features that outline most of what the app can do with the free version (read bottom for the pricing and advantages of paid options):

  • Backup Messages (SMS), contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, videos and music
  • A user can open the website of G Cloud Backup at gcloudbackup.com and access all the stored data including messages, call logs, contacts and even the photos, music and videos if you have stored them
  • Backup more than one device in the same account, as it registers you with the email address and not via device
  • Secure data transfer (Secure Socket Layer) and storing (256-AES)
  • Backs up to the secure and reliable Amazon AWS cloud storage
  • Automated backup via WiFi, and only when the phone is connected via WiFi and when the battery in the phone is more than 25%
  • Restore data to any mobile through your account, or to the same mobile phone
  • Works for all the devices, no rooting or special grants needed
  • Backs up every version of all files
  • Advanced options to change daily schedule, disable automatic schedule, backup over 3G
  • Doesn’t limit the backup to the internal storage, and takes data from even the SD card

G Cloud Backup App Settings G Cloud Backup App Settings 2

Get More Free Storage on your G Cloud Backup Account

You initially get 1GB of cloud storage when you use the app and register your account, and later you get a hell load of options through which the storage can be increased, of course, the final one being “pay and upgrade” but you might not need it if you are referring the app to your friends and they register through your referral. And here, it’s not a one-side advantage but both of you are benefited with 200MB of free storage each.

Here’s a few ways using which the storage size can be increased:

  • Write a review about the app on the Play Store: 300 MB
  • Tweet about the App: 200 MB
  • Like the Fanpage on Facebook: 200 MB
  • Follow on Twitter: 200 MB

G Cloud Referral Free Storage G Cloud Backup Registering

The app does have advertisements in the bottom, but it deserves at least that when we are getting the storage and backup for free. The paid options are as given below:

  • 16 GB for 1 year: $16 ($1.35/month)
  • 32 GB for 1 year: $32 ($2.65/month)
  • 64 GB for 1 year: $54.95 ($4.5/month)

G Cloud Backup App Upgrade

For those who feel it’s quite a lot they need to pay for extra storage, get the free options above and there’s a single option to buy 1 GB of extra storage for $0.99 and this 1 GB would be added to your account for lifetime.

Download G Cloud Backup from the Google Play Store: Play Store Link
Compatibility: It would work on most of the Android devices as the compatibility is from the Android 2.2 Froyo to the latest version of Android, irrespective of any other internal spec of the device.



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