Next Toshiba Android Tablet – Excite Features & Specs

Toshiba ExtremeThe IFA Customer Electronics conference was held in Berlin a days back where Toshiba announced of a new slim Android tablet which could well be a competitor of Samsung Galaxy Tab. Toshiba Thrive has done very good and it has been an amazing tablet which kept alive Toshiba’s name in competition among the best tablet manufacturers. The Toshiba Excite awaits its much excited launch.

Though we couldn’t present you with the clear specifications and features of this tablet, it will be brushed with a metal finish and unlike the present tablets where the few centimeter gap is left out would be completely covered glass. So it would have a complete edge to edge glass. The new tablet will be slimmer than the Toshiba Thrive and it will includes connectivity options through micro USB port, HDMI port and micro SD card slot.

Toshiba has registered Excite as the product name under the category of ‘tablet computer’ accordingly to the US trademark filing reports which are obtained from the sources. There are speculations that this tablet would board Honeycomb processor and could be the one of the best Android Honeycomb tablet.

Manufacturers from Toshiba has also booked a series of domains names related to the tabled on their name and those pages are redirected back to the Toshiba website. Few of such domains are : excitetablet.com,’ ‘excitetablet.net,’ toshibaexcite.com,’ ‘toshibaexcite.net,’ and ‘thetoshibaexcite.com.

Sp with Excite into ever-expanding tablet PC market the carriers providers get more competitive in terms of the data offers and promotions. Surely the winners are the consumers and they should be happy to take it.

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