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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 with Stable Gingerbread based BlockBuster 5.5 Custom ROM Firmware

Blockbuster 5.5 LogoIt was the last time when we saw on how you can update with the latest version of Blockbuster ROM 5.0 version and now the time has come to update the same with the next available update which is dubbed as the version 5.5. With number of significant changes and along with the bonus applications and tweaks, this will surely impress you among all other Custom ROM options which are currently available for all the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 handsets. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can easily update the latest version of Blockbuster ROM 5.5 edition.

If you ask on what are the enhancements this version of Blockbuster ROM comes with then we would like to add that, this version comes along with some of the performance fixes which previously caused issues like force close errors in some of the games which were downloaded from the Android Market Place and also on some of the crucial applications which are like Phone.apk and also on the Dialer which were used when you make any calls from your phone.
Also, not to forget that this ROM comes with the visually rich wallpapers by default and also several other customizations were also done for making this ROM a visual rich. Please note that you should only apply this update on Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 and not to any other similar phones like Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000M or I9000B or I9000T or Captivate or even to Mesmerize etc. We take no responsibility in what so ever manner in whole or in parts if you still proceed with the updation of device. So, ensure that you don’t proceed with the instructions if your phone is not Galaxy S GT I9000.

Since this Custom ROM is purely based on the XXJVR 2.3.4 Firmware ROM, it’s very important for you too to update your Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to update to the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 version or else there is a high probability that you may end messing up with your phone. For your convenience, we have broken down this article into different sections spread across many pages so that individually you can install the applications. It has been found that over a period of time, the Custom ROMs are fast pacing up and also recently an all new Gingerbread 2.3.5 release have arrived in the form of some custom ROM which we will soon be covering for the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 only on

Rooting Information:
In the due course of this process, the phone will be rooted and the warranty will be void. The best part of the Samsung Phones is that these phones doesn’t come with any sort of boot loaders. So, the lost warranty can be reclaimed at any point of time, for which all you need to do is to just clear the cache and wipe the data from the recovery mode and update your Galaxy S with any of the Stock ROMs like XXJVP, XXJVQ or even XXJVR 2.3.4 Gingerbread version to revoke the root access and reclaim the warranty.

Disclaimer: We should not be held responsible for the damage done if any to your phone in the process of applying this custom ROM in your phone. There will not be any loss of data or the damage to the phone if and only if every single instruction which is mentioned below is followed.

Enhancements and Screenshots of Blockbuster 5.5 ROM:
In a recent development by the blockbuster ROM which is an end result of the version 5.5 now comes with an enhanced list which are mentioned below,

  • Better Battery Backup,
  • Rooted, Deodexed and Zip Aligned Update,
  • Full APN List,
  • Multi CSC and Busy box 1.18.4 & Super user Pre-installed,
  • 3D Issue now is fixed as now you no more can view blurred images in the 3D Apps,
  • Clock Work Mod Recovery comes Pre installed,
  • Voodoo Sound Enhancement v10 comes Pre Installed,
  • Added Scripts and Tweaks for better Performance,
  • Extra Long enhanced Battery Life than previous version of firmware
  • All new Boot Animation

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