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Update Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 to stable Froyo XWJS7 2.2.1

XWJS7 LogoIt has been found that many users who have updated their Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 with the latest Gingerbread build XWJV1 have reported some of the issues which includes Swype Virtual keyboard not working, non-streaming of videos in You Tube, quick battery drain issues and also other issues which hampers the overall phone experience. So, the problem is faced because since the XWJV1 is a test Gingerbread build and this is the first test build some of the problems might be experienced but over the coming days the new Gingerbread builds will be launched in which the subsequent problems will be worked upon and mostly all the problems which are experienced by the users will be solved. Also, the main reason for this update XWJS7 is that many of the users complained about the “DB DATA” error or bug in rest of the versions of 2.2.1 Froyo build which has been now completely solved in this version and also along with this battery has been further optimized as the base band built is kept as XXJPY which was a stable one and had no issues other than DB DATA error and also Quadrant ranks have been slightly improved in this version.

Now, some of those might ask about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) on the new Gingerbread build, but am sorry to say that exact date and time will be difficult to give but yes the approximate release of next release will be in this month itself. But in the mean while in the due course of the post i will also tell you on how you can UNBRICK your device. Recently if you have directly flashed from 2.2 Version to 2.2.1 version like XXJPY or XWJS5 etc. version without flashing through 2.2.1 XXJPU version then your phone might have been bricked.

So, for all those whose Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 is bricked along with the people who are experiencing the problems with the XWJV1 gingerbread build, we will see on how you can move on to an all new stable and enhanced release of Froyo 2.2.1 version which is dubbed as XWJS7 which is the final release build of 2.2.1 as it has already been released via KIES for some parts of the Globe. To check on which version you are currently on, just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Build Number where you will find the version of Android OS.

Pre Requisites (Downloadable):

2.2.1 XWJS7 Firmware (Password :,

PIT 803,

Odin3 v1.3,

USB Cable,

Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000

Safety Precautions and Instructions:

1. Ensure that you are having Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 as the firmware is only for this phone and not for any other similar phones like Captivate, mesmerize Fascinate, Epic, I 9003 etc though that might look similar.

2. Back up all your data including messages, contacts and also all the third party applications which you have either installed from Android Market Place or from any other sources.

3. It is very important to enter in the download mode before flashing the firmware in your phone, if you cannot enter into download mode then you can solve this bug from here. If you flash without the download screen then your phone will be bricked and can never be recovered as you haven’t followed the procedure.

4. The things which you will be needing while flashing is Samsung Galaxy S I9000 phone, micro USB cable, Odin 3 v1.3, 2.2.1 XWJS7 Android Firmware and PIT 803 file which have to be downloaded as mentioned in the Pre requites too.

5. Also, flashing with the firmwares doesn’t mean that you are ROOTING your device. If you have flashed with Voodoo then too you can easily flash your device.

6. Ensure a full or more than 80% of battery power in your phone before proceeding to flash your phone and also ensure that your computer or Laptop doesn’t turn off in the due course of the process as you will have to again repeat the whole process again which is bit tedious job.

7. Before proceeding to the procedure make sure that you have backed up all information as you will lose all data which is loaded in the phone included applications, contacts and messages. The best way to back up your contacts is either with on-device backup tool or you can back up your contacts with the Gmail client. Please don’t change any parameters like DUMP, Re Partition etc. as this may really mess up your Galaxy S phone and is not recommended to choose the Re format option.

Procedure to flash XWJS7 2.2.1 version on your Galaxy S GT I9000:

1. Now, after downloading the XWJS7 firmware along with the Odin and PIT File, you need to unzip the same as it’s a zip file after which you will get three files.

2. Next up you need to open Odin 1.3 from the above zip file so that you can install this downloaded firmware into your device. After opening the Odin 1.3, ensure that you have completely closed the KIES application on your computer and ensure that you haven’t connected the mobile.

Odin 3

3. Now, first switch off your phone, take out the sim card along with the memory card and Switch On your device in the download mode. To start download mode in Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000, you need to hold the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button). While holding these both buttons, you need to switch ON your device. If you see a screen like the below one then only it means that you have successfully started your device in the download mode. If your device restarts normally with home screen then that means download mode have not been initiated, in this case you again need to switch off the device and again you will have to try restarting your device in download mode. Please note that as long as you are installing anything in download mode, you will never brick your phone.

download mode

4. Now, as soon as you see the phone’s screen like above that means you have successfully entered in the download mode, now connect Samsung Galaxy S to the computer, after which you will see that first ID:COM box as shown below will turn yellow and in the message box you will see that it will show ADDED.

Phone Connected

5. Now, after connecting the phone to the computer you will have to add the below parameters as mentioned below,

PIT – 803 PIT File,

PDA – PDA_JS7.tar.md5

Phone – PHONE_JPY.tar.md5

CSC – CSC_XEE_JS1.tar.md5

Please note that you don’t add or select any other option, as this may do some serious consequences to your device after which you may not be able to use your device. After double checking the above parameters, all you need to do is to just simply click on the Start option.

6. As soon as you click on the Start option, the firmware will start updating in the device, please note that you don’t unplug your device and ensure that you have continuous power because if in the between power goes off then your phone will become dead and then again you need to follow the procedure.

7. As soon as the installation gets finished, the mobile will be rebooted and will take longer time than the normal reboot as this is the first time after the firmware upgrade the device is getting switched ON.

Galaxy S Recovery Mode

8. Now after successful installation of the new firmware it’s now time to optimize your device with new firmware so that your phone becomes faster and zippier. First up you will have to turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now.

Build NumberAs soon as the phone reboots, just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Build Number where you will see that you are on XWJS7 Android version. Now, you can restore the backup contents easily. This is it, now you have un bricked your phone as well as installed the latest Froyo 2.2.1 Android build on your Galaxy S. Do, let us know if there are any problems while updating as we will help you get out of it.




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