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Android Q&A – Should i Upgrade from Galaxy S I9000 to S2?

Question :

Galaxy S Vs Galaxy S2Hello Amit, Hope you are doing good and I have a quick query. And need your expert advise on the same. Currently I am using Samsung Galaxy S (I-9000). And willing to shift to Galaxy S2. One of my friend got Galaxy S2 and I was comparing it with Galaxy S before buying.

I have come across following observation, At 0% brightness on both the devices, the blacks and whites are looking more crisp onto Galaxy S. Even the Galaxy S2 screen is better in terms of technology.

I even played the same video onto both devices at same brightness settings and again, Galaxy S was more natural than Galaxy S2. Have you come across this observation? Can you please comment on it. Due to this observation, I am currently holding my decision to buy Galaxy S2. So eagerly need your expert view.

Looking forward for your reply.

Answer :

There are two aspects of technology that are the existing and the future.as you told you already own a Galaxy S which just does everything what Galaxy S2 does. Keeping apart the hardware part which S2 definitely holds an edge but practically speaking Galaxy S2 is not worth spending 30k INR knowing the fact that it almost does everything which sgs does.

Very soon there is an all new lineup of processors which is the Tegra 3 which is far more superior than Tegra 2. Also, considering to the fact that there are hardly any apps which needs a dedicated dual core processors, investing good amount of money at this point of time is a real waste. Tegra 3 processors are way faster than the Tegra 2 processors.

So, in a nutshell its not a worth the money spent considering the fact that you already own a Galaxy S. If one doesn’t have a high end android phone then as of now SGS 2 is best.



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