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Verizon Galaxy Note 3 gets OTA Update with Audio & Connectivity Issues Fixed – Details

Verizon Wireless has made sure the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users under the subscription of Verizon should be getting the best experience of connectivity as well as media playing. It’s nothing to do with the video and graphics playing but the OTA update being sent is to fix the connectivity and the sound quality.

Verizon has put up a doc with the software update details, but there is no exact version number, though the build is VRUBMJ7. The SM-N900V is going to get the OTA update and many might have already got it on their smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Verizon Update

The key device enhancements include:

  • Improved connectivity
  • Improved sound quality

This is no major update but these enhancements still seem to fix what many users were complaining of, similar to the Sprint’s update last month which had fixed the issue of the sound quality especially when making audio calls. The issue with the connectivity seems to be with both the LTE and also the Wi-Fi dropping sometimes for no reason.

If you haven’t received the update already on your Galaxy Note 3 based on Verizon, it should be there soon or you need to manually check for the update by going to Settings > About and check for the software update. It’s a minor update but good for you if you had been facing some issues with the connectivity or the sound quality.

The issues that we saw through some comments on the forums –

  • Caller ID not showing up when the Wi-Fi calling is being done
  • Screen staying asleep during calls even when the home button is pressed
  • Slow opening of apps after a voice call
  • Disturbance in the earpiece while talking on the phone

Interestingly as we write this, there are users who reported that this minor OTA update is not installing even after being downloaded. The best we can suggest is to take a backup of everything and reset the phone to factory settings before attempting to install the update. That would work most of the time without any issue.

The Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung comes with the 5.7-inch 1080p display and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a quad-core chipset clocking at 2.3 GHz, with 3 GB of RAM. There is a difference in the internal configuration of the Galaxy Note 3 that is available in the US and the one available internationally.



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