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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features Dot, Circle & Square used by an Architect – Video

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with loads of features, and we already know about it quite well, where the S Pen provided is to enhance the productivity in many ways. Those who are already having the Note 3 but haven’t taken full advantage of it, here’s how we do it and suggest you to do it when you are trying to use the smartphone in the best way. The S Pen earlier had a limited number of features and advantages, but now the same comes with a lot more and the name given to the set of features that show up on the screen is Air Command.

When you think of the life of an Architect, you see them doing a lot of stuff around, filling down papers with measurements, jotting down phone numbers for contacting and calculating stuff. How easy would that be if you get to do all that in a single device. That includes capturing a photo, editing it while you calculate something along with it. There’s a dot, a circle and a square to explain it all.

The “Dot” – which comes with the S Pen. Just hover your S Pen over the Note 3 screen and there’s a dot that would appear along the path of the S Pen and that is what does the magic. While the dot appears, it indicates that the S Pen is well detected and tracked by the phone, and here, pressing the button on the S Pen would open the Air Command. It presents with five different options you can play around with, and one of them – Screen Write is an excellent option to edit the pictures along with the S Note application.

As we talk of an Architect here, there’s a perfect combination of the arts, wall hanging stuff such as a TV set etc. and then comes in some calculations for the budget, selection of the arts and even a few contacts to be saved. The below few screenshots would easily make you understand how we use the Galaxy Note 3 to capture the picture of the area and then download some temporary arts and pictures to be inserted to prepare a tentative design to show to the client.

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 1 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 2

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 3 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 4

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 5 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 6

Collecting particular parts of an entire page is sometimes necessary, and again this is good for the architects, as we talk of Flipboard which has a category named “Interiors” and here there’s a lot of pictures, where you might need a small part of it to keep an idea of what all can be required in the interiors. Here is where the Scrap Booker “Circle” comes into the scene. Just activate the Air Command from the particular page and draw a small circle around the content you wanted to share – it could be a picture, part of it, a text paragraph or the entire page which you wanted to save.

The content here gets saved into the scrapbook under different categories, and you can create your own categories.

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 7 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 8 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 9

Now, the “Square” – this is a bit different from the Multi Window feature in the Galaxy Note 3, but it is productive in its own way. Here you draw a square for the “Pen Window” feature again in the list in Air Command. While you are doing something, showing the list of best things he could use in the office, you could give an estimate cost of all that, by just activating the Pen Window feature, drawing a rectangle or square to define a size and shape, and then select from the list of apps which you wanted to open. In my case, it’s the Calculator app which is in the screenshots below.

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 11 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 12 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 13

The last one, is the Action Memo which is excellent for those who wanted to do something in quick, but doesn’t want the efforts to go wrong. While someone is sharing a phone number with you, quickly open the Action Memo from the Air Command, write down the name and phone number and you could do loads of stuff from there. An option “Link to Action” would help you send the text converted from your hand writing via messaging, email, search the web for the same, or even save the text as a contact if it was a phone number along with the name that you had written.

Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 14 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 15 Galaxy Note 3 S Pen 16

All in all, it’s not just a stylus that you are using, but it is a productive pen which does a lot more than what you expect and think of. Whether you are an architect, businessman, a doctor or a professional with lots of stuff to do while you move, the Note 3 + S Pen combo is an excellent one.

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