VIPole Secure Instant Messenger with Cross Platforms Support Review

Privacy of the content on our devices is quite an important topic for many, these days. There are several threats in the web world, and attacks where the privacy is breached and there is nothing left private. This generally forces the users to try some encryption options to keep the content secure. At this current time when even the big celebrities aren’t spared and even their personal files, chats are made public with breaches, security becomes a prime concern.

An instant messenger called VIPole Secure Messenger aims to just do what the user wanted – offer a solution to secure all the communications between contacts, encrypt every message and data that is sent between the users. While trying to give the best security, VIPole has a lot of features that someone in the business field would use on daily basis – chat, video calls, file transfer, voice calls to landline and mobile numbers. Apart from these, one major feature is the cross-platform linking, as VIPole can be used on Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux based devices.

Although the app is free to download and use, there are different types of accounts available with VIPole: Free, Professional and Security for Team. The company can even take a corporate server, which is managed by VIPole team, if the need is larger than a team. The encryption of the data is done using AES-256 and RSA-3072 algorithms, and these are industry leading standards in terms of encryption and security.

VIPole Android App Options

Everything in VIPole is quite easy, and making the sessions secure doesn’t mean it makes it hard for the user to add contacts, send messages or do video calls. Following are a few important features of VIPole secure messenger.

Messaging – Strongly encrypted messages can be sent, and people can even send files, images to their contacts while retaining the same security. Between each of the connection, synchronization is done with the data encryption. VIPole also delays message sending, or send offline messages if the contact is not connected to the server.

VIPole Authorization

Multimedia – Sharing of multimedia files like images, and making voice and video calls, as well as the voicemail messages is encrypted, and these are all free calls.

Message security – Apart from the standard messaging and calling, the user can even edit and delete sent messages, and change voice during calls.

Remote access – The user can remotely use the app and close it, and when idle, they can even lock or close the application.

International calls – VIPole is offering international calls at quite a cheap price, where the VIPole credits are to be purchased and they can be used for calling to mobiles and landlines.

Let’s divide the encryption of data on VIPole, into two – Encrypt data, Store encrypted data.

The data that is encrypted, includes instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, audio/video conferencing, group chats and file transfer. The data that gets stored with encryption, includes chat and history, sent/received files, passwords and credentials, events and reminders, tasks and calendar and text notes.

VIPole Contacts

Talking of personal experience, it was very easy to register and login as well, and there is an extra secret phrase required for logging in, and the interface is no different from any standard chat applications, although it did take some time before I could easily navigate and understand what’s located where.

It was seamless on every platform that I tested it on – especially Android smartphones and Mac OS X. You get to see tabs for News, Contacts, Recent, Dialer right on the front screen in the smartphone app, and tapping on the left top corner exposes the menu, where one can navigate to the options and different settings, and to almost everywhere in the app.

In the security settings, one can change the secret phrase, which is the second door for logging into the account, and the password can be changed as well. The user can also choose whether to log out automatically when the app is inactive, or logout when offline. There is an option of locking when inactive. Under options, the user can choose to play sound on notifications on either calls or incoming messages, or not to have any notification sound at all.

Within a chat page with a contact, there is first an authorization required, which when accepted, will give the options for sending messages, files (images and others), phone contacts, VIPole contact and even voice mail. Both voice calling and video calling are possible using the same chat screen. While sending a voice message, the voice can be changed as well, and this is yet another security addition for those with a lot of concern.

Password manager: There’s a password manager in VIPole, which safely stores not just the passwords but all the important personal information of the user. While remaining accessible to the user, the passwords are encrypted and stored in the secured server, thus being inaccessible to anyone else who isn’t authorized. Apart from mobile phone PINs, bank card details, keys and certificates, the user can also store the account information of websites, social networks and such.

Some other useful features of VIPole include the daily planner, task manager and notes, which are all useful in a day-to-day activity, but most of the standard apps are unsecured, while those who are into business can keep things confidential, even if it was the daily plans and tasks.

VIPole Mac

Overall, this is an app one should use, if they wanted a very secured chat platform where it isn’t limited to just sending messages, and the most important – they needed a cross-platform synchronization to make it easy to switch from phone to laptop while seeing no difference in the communication going on.

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