{APK} Download Hangouts 2.3 with Google Voice Integration & Visual Refresh – Available Now

HangoutsGoogle seems to be lightning fast when it comes to answering to competitor’s product offering. While Apple announced the launch of WiFi calling feature with some selected operators in US, Google had tightly integrated the Voice calling facility in the Hangouts earlier yesterday and now comes the much needed visual refresh which we will be checking out in the due course of this article. The best part being that the new version of the HANGOUTS FOR ANDROID comes with the much cleaner look and also displays the email address which was an issue earlier to watch out for when you have synced with multiple accounts.

With rounded profile picture options, this app comes with the new Green UI which is much simpler and also comes with the quick access toolbar which provides much needed vibrancy. By default, there are two: a contacts tab and one listing your previous chats. Swipe through to switch between the sections is now available as a gesture. With this gesture, Google has put an end to the swipe to archive feature.  Also mentioned the screen captures below for your ready reference.

Screenshot_2014-09-12-01-14-19 Screenshot_2014-09-12-01-13-59 Screenshot_2014-09-12-01-14-07 Screenshot_2014-09-12-01-14-13

Just in case if you install the latest Hangouts dialer, the number of tabs increases from 2 to 3. Dialer isn’t its own dedicated app and it merely links to the Hangout’s Voice tab which is out there in this app. Once can also refer to the improved list of settings option which is mentioned below for your reference;


As per Google’s support page, whenever user received the voicemail message, an unread notification will appear at the top of the hangouts list with the voicemail icon in the message. One can tap on the play icon for listening to this message. So just in case if you wish to download and install this version of Hangouts app, you can download the same in your Android smartphone of whose APK link is mentioned below. Do let us know in the comments section below just in case if you face any issues in the process of using this app. This app will also be updated in other tablets and for iOS devices as well very soon.

Download Hangouts 2.3 APK (Alternate Link)

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