Wi-Fi Scanner App with Signal Meter, Graphs & Channel Interference

Wi Fi AnalyticsThe Wi-Fi Analytics Tool is an Android application does the work as suggested by its name and it’s designed to give the results of various Wi-Fi networks which lies in the range of your device. This app supports various other analyzing tools of any connected or disconnected Wi-Fi network which is detected by this app. It also provides the comprehensive information about its different parameters like Wi-Fi signal strength in dBM shown in graphs and statistical data.

Wi-Fi Analytics tool developed by Amped Wireless features Wi-Fi scanner, Channel interference, channel graphs, signal graph and signal meter.

Before using this app, you should make sure that the you are connected on your phone through the detected Wi-Fi connection. When you have installed this application you will get the first screen to set up the auto scan for every new connection available. Unlike the native Wi-Fi connection in Android phones, this app provides the detailed insight on the signal strength and signal power along with the percentage so that users who don’t understand the language of electronic measurements, can easily know the signal strength using the percentage given.

Wi-Fi Analytics ToolThe Signal meter screen is available to know the signal strength of each Wi-Fi connection shown in the dBm for the selected networks. You can also change the settings with the sound toggle whenever there is drop in the signal strength or its changed every time.

All in together Wi-Fi Analytics tool is one of the useful apps to have it on to your device in order to make choices especially when you have the availability of many Wi-Fi networks or you wanted to test the signal strength of the network that you are connected.

Wi-Fi Analytics Tool Wi-Fi Analytics Tool App Download

The Wi-Fi Analytics tool for Android is available for free download on Android Market. You can grab this app through the market link and use it once it’s installed on your PC.

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