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App to Track Website Uptime and Downtime on Android

Pingdom LogoIf you own a website domain and if you want to keep checks over the web site hosting server performances, what is the best way to do that? Many would pick up their phones and try connecting to that particular website using the EDGE, 3G and / or Wi – Fi connectivity, but is it really an efficient way to check the performance characteristics of a server and / or the web pages. Normally main performance characteristics are server uptime, downtime and response time, so accessing web page to check the uptime and downtime is definitely not a perfect way. There are various websites that offer you to check uptime and downtime but then again you need to visit those websites to check the details, though they can help you with instant SMSs and e – mails but still the level of detail required to analyze and understand is very less.

In order to understand something very clearly one needs to analyze things and we all can analyze things in a better way if we are provided with some visual interpretation and corresponding specific details. An application is now available for Android phones which will help you in showing you the exact detail needed and in a very understandable manner using graphical interpretation. This application namely Pingdom is available for free and can be installed on Android version 1.5 and up. The most appealing feature is the graphical representation which helps in perfect understanding of the server uptime and downtime history. But it is not only the graphical interpretation but the application also has some added advantages attached to it which helps us in our busy life.

Pingdom is actually a famous uptime monitoring service and Pingdom Android application helps us to connect Pingdom uptime monitoring service account. Pingdom account can be created for free, more features and services offered by Pingdom can be bought from the Pingdom website The following is the brief information on what Pingdom application can offer.

  • As you always wanted instant alerts about the websites to be monitored, this application can help with the same. The application sends PUSH messages on our Android phones. For this particular feature it is necessary that the Android version is 2.2 and up.
  • SMS and e – mail alerts are also sent.
  • Easy viewing of uptime and response time statistics for each site that is to be monitored. Graphical interpretation proves effective.
  • Current status of web sites like if it is UP or DOWN.
  • A facility of Checks is another feature that is most liked by the users; it helps in identification of the sites and / or servers that are monitored. A Check can correspond to a web site or a server. Thus a check is used like a service to monitor a particular web site or server. Yes, these Checks are customizable.
  • Information about each Check can be obtained; one such important parameter that can be obtained is monitoring resolution. Monitoring resolution is very important as it resembles the degree of monitoring.
  • Many application protocols are supported by this application for example: HTTP, Ping, DNS, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, TCP port, etc. All these protocols are shown as Check types.
  • Information about target IP address and URL can also be obtained.

PingdomPingdom UptimePingdom Response Time

The application UI is simple and can be understood very easily. It is worth a try.

Using QR code:
Use the QR code below. To scan the QR code use Neo Reader or any other bar code scanning program. Neo Reader can be downloaded from the market or follow the link
QR for Pingdom
Simply scan the QR code by directing your Android phone camera to the code through the bar code / QR code scanning program.

Using Market:

Android Advices App Ratings: 4.4 / 5



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