Xiaomi Mi3 : How to Backup & Restore Personal Data, Apps and Settings

There are different ways to back up and restore your device as it basically depends upon which data you need to backup and the flavor or experience you want. Though, with Xiaomi devices it is different as the Chinese manufacturer includes an extensive backup app on its Mi phones, and backing up data on Xiaomi Mi 3 device is not much different. We will guide you through the entire backup and restore procedure for your personal data, apps and settings.

Procedure to backup your Xiaomi Mi 3’s data and settings:

  • Launch the Backup app on your Xiaomi Mi 3 device.
  • Now select the items you want to take backup of, although, by default all the items are already selected.
  • Tap on the Backup button below.
  • When the backup is completed, tap the Done button.
  • You have successfully created the backup.

Now to check the generated backup files/folders, you need to go to the following folder. MIUI >Backup >All Backup where you can see all the saved files and folders. To take a manual backup of those files and folders on your PC, you need to establish a USB connection between your phone and PC, and then copy those items to your PC.

Procedure to restore the backup:

  • Launch the backup app on your Xiaomi Mi 3.
  • The backup files will be shown, now you should tap on the files that you want to restore.
  • Select the items – System, Apps, Accounts & Contacts – you want to restore.
  • Now tap the Restore button below.
  • When the restoration completes, tap on the Done button.
  • You have successfully restored the backup data.

Other important things that you can do with the Backup app:

  • Tapping the Lock button will encrypt your backup files. Though, note that in order to encrypt the backup files you need to login with your Xiaomi account.
  • And if you are not looking forward to take manual back every time you need it, then a better option is to go with automatic backup. To activate the automatic backup setup, launch the backup app and go to menu option. There you will find automatic backup settings, to activate this setting you need to slide the button to right.

Screenshots of the above procedure:

Xiaomi Mi 3 Backup and Restore Tutorial (1)MIUI v6 running on Xiaomi Mi 3 (2)

Note : The above procedure was followed on MIUI v6, so there’s a possibility that screenshots on different version may vary, although the procedure would be similar.

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