All about YouTube Music / YouTube Red – Detailed Experience [APK Download]

With Music and Videos already in its portfolio, Google now also announced the much awaited “YouTube Red”, the audio only and Ad-free version of YouTube music videos. While it will be very hard to even guess the success or to speculate on the adoption numbers as we all know the uptake of any paid video service is not that great. So, let’s check out on how is YouTube Music / YouTube Red in terms of product offering and we will also tell you on whether it’s worth $10 or not.

What’s YouTube Red?
To sum it up in one sentence, YouTube Red is a mixture of better music and video experience. There are 3 main features of YouTube Red and are Ad free videos, Save Offline capability and also one can play videos even when the app is in the background. And all this at a price of $9.99 per month. YouTube Red is available on smartphones, desktop and on Android TV/ STB.

Experience : YouTube Red
App is named as “YT Music” which is nothing but the YouTube music. The moment you get into the app with your Google ID, you will see 3 tabs, Home, Trending and Liked Videos.
Home section has recommendations based on the music videos which you have or the suggestions for you. Trending section has all the trending videos around the globe. Liked section has all the liked video songs which you might have done from YouTube.


This app also comes with the radio stations based on the heard song, particular artist similar to that of Pandora and also one can control the variety with the help of a manual slider.
In the Player screen, you have the recommendations / similar video songs along with the Explore tab which has all the related video songs as shown in the below screen captures.


The search screen has got smarter too as this one comes with the radio station option of the searched string along with the videos, songs and artists options in the search result page.
Mini Player too comes with the moving video at the backdrop which gives a nice overall feel.

YT7 YT10

If you want to try out this service from YouTube, its offering a free trial for 14 days and thereafter $9.99 p.m. This service is recommended for the folks who regularly use YouTube even for listening to music as this one also allows you to save your videos offline. But remember, this comes at a cost $9.99 which most of them might feel a bit pricey.

Currently, YouTube Music is only available in US for iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, you can also download the APK for YouTube Music / YouTube Red below,

YouTube Red / YouTube Music APK

Do let us know your views on the YouTube music in the comments section below as we will be more than happy to hear back from you.

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