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Galaxy Tab – Disable Google & Facebook Calendar Sync

The Google Calender and Facebook Calender makes easy to get reminders of any Calender event or birthdays or anniversary. Here is how the Calender Widget looks like on your Galaxy Tab.Tab Calender WidgetNow when you click on it, you would open the Calender Widget and one which I opened is here in the screenshot.Google Account PlusNoticed that Anish Kumar K.S birthday is sync from which is Google +1 Services.

There are few users who wants to just stay away from those reminders on their Galaxy Tab. Calender from Google and Facebook are Sync automatically when your added your Google Account. If you delete those entries then it would delete it with your mail Google Account or Facebook Account Calender, so the only option you are left out is to unSync the Calender update on your Galaxy Tab.

Disable Google & Facebook Calendar Sync on Galaxy Tab

Here is the procedure on how to you would disable the auto sync of Google and Facebook Calender on your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  • Tap on to Settings and then go to ‘Account and Sync‘ option.Galaxy Tab Account & Sync
  • Now in Account and Sync would be removing the particular updates from Facebook Calender and also Google Calender. This is like complete unsync to those updates. However if you thinking to just manually remove those calender reminders on your TAB then it would remove the main entry in your Google Calender and it wouldn’t be available anywhere. This is only the actual procedure to stop receiving such notifications of Facebook Calender or Google Calender. The Google Calender sync updates from your Google +1 friends and Facebook is mostly like those friends in inclusion whom you don’t even know personally, atleast you would be happy to see friends birthday reminders.
  • Now coming back to the procedure, head over to ‘Manage account‘ section where you would find the option of your ‘Google Account‘.Google Account Sync
  • This would indeed take you to settings of your Google Account on how it sync the data and other updates. As we just want to remove the Google Calender, just untick the ‘Sync Calender‘ option.
  • In the same way go back and tap on to your Facebook email ID and the ‘Sync Calender‘ is the option that you are looking for. Slowly by sometime, you would see those notifications or updates would be gone and you would no longer be synchronized with those Calender reminders. To subscribe again, you should tick the same.Facebook Sync

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  1. Wilson

    January 9, 2012 at 2:16 pm

    I’m using galaxy 10.1, and in my Account and Sync > Google account
    It dosen’t have the checkbox for me to unticke my picasa account… what should I do?? help….

    • Yogesh Patel

      January 10, 2012 at 2:32 pm

      Account and Sync > click on Manage account > Google Account and there you get Sync Calender settings.

  2. Anish K.S

    October 2, 2011 at 7:21 am

    Very happy to see my name, Thanks Amit 🙂

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