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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to XXJQ1 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy TabThere have been talks doing the round about the rolling out of the latest Gingerbread update for Galaxy Tab P1000. So, now am sure you too would want to update your device with the same, so yes let’s check out on how you can easily update your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.3.3. It has been reported that in Italy the update has been rolled out. Last time we saw on how you can easily update your Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 with Android 2.2 version with some minor enhancements but now let’s proceed and see on how you can update with Gingerbread 2.3.3 XXJQ1 straight away and also this update is not the beta release or even the test release but it’s a KIES release which some of the Italian users have got. So, any one with their Galaxy Tab P 1000 around the World can update their devices by following the below mentioned instructions.

It’s very important to follow the pre firmware update instructions as well as the instructions to upgrade the Galaxy Tab P 1000 or else there is a high probability that you might even brick your Tab. Also, please note that since this is the official release by Samsung, the warranty will not be void if you update your device with the same. Please note that the build number is XXJQ1 while the base band version is P1000XXJPZ. In a move to make firmware updation simpler and easy to understand, we have listed down the simple and easy to understand steps below so that you will not face any difficulties while updating the Galaxy Tab.


  1. My galaxy tab has stuck at samsung logo. Please help !!!

    • @sameer may i know what are the instructions you have followed?

      • HELP ME, NEAL. Please tell me wat to do on my phone. My phone was stuck with the samsung logo. Even i try it with odin v1.7 but is still d same. PLEASE HELP.

      • @Neal. I followed all the steps written above. Tried with Odin 1.7 and 1.82 but no success.

    • Dude if ur stuck at samsung logo do steps as follows:
      1. keep pressing volume down button and power button so that its enters into download mode as before.
      2. now download dbdata.zip3.extract dbdata.zip then again open odin 1.7
      4. check all 3 options as mentioned before
      5.use PIT – gt-p1000_mr.pit
      PDA – dbdata.tar (which u have been extracted)
      6. now after reboot everything works fine :)

  2. Hi, i was trying to upgrade my samsung galaxy tab p1000 which got a firmware of PDA: P1000XWJMK , PHONE: P1000XXJMA and CSC: P1000PHNJM5. I follow every step in the instruction as shown above but failed to upgrade, when i try to turn my phone ON, The screen just shown up the samsung logo. I try it with odin V1.7 as per Shaji, but yet it still failed. Can anyone give a advise on this matter. Please HELP. Thanks……

  3. dear all

    Please nothe that i have updated my tab to froyo 2.2 and now the connection is taking too long to connect to the PC

    now i am trying to upgrade to gingerbread 2.3.3 but the odin is stuck on the setup connection but the ID:COM is glowing yellow the second that i connect the tab

    awaiting your help please


    • additionally please note that my tab is keeping restarting

      • I had this issue and thought that I may have **bricked** my Tab. It was restarting over and over and stayed on the that connect screen. i did notice that the computer was reading the device. I went into odin and installed the firmware again. It took a few tries but it eventually got through the update process. The Tab was not bricked.

  4. help android device users in China to Hi,everybody

    We,google fans in china ,is very disappointed.The Google Android Market is not available in China mainland,Device’s manufacturer release a android devices,they will usually meet the requests of communist party of China,to remove some features or block some service ,such as Android Market ,Youtube,facebook,twitter etc…

    Most of android market has not been pre-installed on android OS that have been authorized by device’s manufacturer or carries. My Samsung Tab P1000 has only a samsung app application pre-installed ,no android market application pre-installed. I installed android market without error prompt on my Tab P1000.There is no problem found when I install it. but Android market
    cannot run well.Once I tap its icon,it disappear at once.

    could anybody give a hand to android OS users in China to guide we how to fix and provide some tools ?enable Android market app!

    • Yes you can fix that issue cuz i fixed mine as well. Just update your firmware to 2.3 as this topic wer saying or upgrade ur tab to any other froyo 2.2ver. here some tip might help you

  5. I have previously installed 2.3 from another source, but I was not sure integrity of that version. So I installed this ROM.
    Odin v1.3 did not work for me too. It stuck at “Downloading. Do not turn off target!” screen. I had to turn off the device by long pressing power button. When I turned on the “phone and computer logo” showed up. Then I could use v1.7, and succesfully installed.
    Thank youı.

    • can i ask is tat v1.7 can read ur Tab even it Show ” phone and computer logo “

      • Yes, when crashed with odin v1.3, I turned off the device by long pressing power button. When I turned it on, v1.7 did see the GTP1000 while in “phone and computer logo” and I could install the new rom as described abowe. Is this an unusual situation?

  6. I wonder if the rom XXJQ1_2.3.3_P1000, has the Portuguese language? Please let me have a reply to this email
    thank you

  7. My P1000 has a TV turner. Will the upgrade disable it?

  8. Does this 2.3.3 GingerBread update support other languages such as Arabic….


  9. This is cool however very disappointed for Samsung Galaxy Tabs-GT-1010s.
    We really wish that Samsung would tell us something.

    “Ensure that you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 and not similar looking models like P1010 or even any such other Galaxy Tabs or else you will brick your Tab or some of the functionalities might not work.”

  10. After applying the GingerBread update, can I still root the devide to apply a future Honeycomb rom?

    Thnak you in advance,


  11. well thanx for your quick support, thanx to you i was able to upgrade my galaxy tablet p-1000
    from 2.2 to 2.3
    now iam running 2.3.3 gingerbread without any bugs

    again A HUGE THANX

  12. I got the galaxy P1010 it is al in he shop in chile por less dan 230¢ and i do not get how it looks if you get free call wifi i cannot get Skype on it because Google will get it for free or less i am testing in a vidersiti of free spots and it work ok only the Youtube is a bite a sensor ship wit same video and it look at is is full of new rabbits peoples with no censes to make videos only for the ego to e at the web shame.
    Thank Mario Ernesto

  13. still does not work?!!!!! during factory reset it says
    E: format_volume:rfs format failed on /dev/block/stl10
    struck at the samsung logo!!!
    any wise guy!!!

  14. This is tedious and the above procedure very misleading- couldn’t agree more with steppsgh,uday & shaji. I am stuck to the Samsung logo with the tab not going ahead. any suggestions guys

  15. Francis Paul Kuttukaran

    Thanks Shaji. I am new to Odin V1.7 and am at a loss what to do. Could you please give me a detailed guidance.


  16. why does it stuck at samsung logo and glowing for a long time

  17. my galaxy tab p1000 bricked and it fail, i follow every instruction correctly, please help me, the phone and computer logo show up.

  18. Hi,
    I tried on the tab I purchased from India and it failed when I tried as above. (Tried with “Re Partition”, “Auto Reboot” and also the “F:Reset Time”. ) It ended up giveing an write error and my tab started giving the mobile and computer symbol.
    I re tried without the re-partition option yet it failed.
    Finally I downloaded the Odin V1.7 and tried with just the “Auto Reboot” and also the “F:Reset Time” and it worked :-)


  19. I am a mac user and i can’t open an .exe file. how do I do this then/

    • u may firsy download the software called as wine for the mac
      after the installation of the software u can access the exe. file

  20. Francis Paul Kuttukaran

    I have been trying to update my GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab with 2.3.3 firmware. Apparently I have made some mistake, including disconnecting the Tab before the completion of the process. Now all I have on the screen is the picture of a computor and a phone with the connection showing an error.
    Please help.

  21. The download file doesn’t work, as you need at least version 1.7 of Odin3. The one in the zip is verison 1.3.

  22. Can I do this with tab wifi witb gt p1010 model?

  23. Is this possible for gt p1010… Tab wifi?

  24. Guys, you need to edit before posting. This is an update note for the P1000 to Gingerbread XXJQ1but one para talks about it getting updated to Froyo XWJMK. You are doing a great job but please remember that there are millions of people like me who may get confused. Also, it is always good to have a small section on what are the improvements we can expect on updating to Gingerbread from Froyo. Cheers

  25. @neal.
    i thought you wrote that the firmware version is GINGERBREAD 2.3.3 XXJQ1 but at the tail end of your tutorials, you wrote that “So, that’s it you have now successfully upgraded to the new latest firmware of XWJMK Froyo 2.2 version for your Galaxy Tab.”
    what are the enhancements in this firmware”

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