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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to XWJMK Froyo 2.2 Firmware

samsung galaxy tab logoFor all the Galaxy Tab P1000 owners there’s a great news for all of you as you too can taste all the latest firmware to your Samsung Galaxy Tab, we have been expanding the firmware upgrading database from firmware upgrade guides for Samsung Galaxy S to HTCs to the Motorola’s etc. So, now let’s check out on how you can flash your Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 with the latest firmware build release which is XWJMK 2.2 version. The best part of this is that this has got a minute tweaks in terms of Samsung’s virtual keyboard adding to the list it has also got a better Samsung’s Touch Wiz experience with some tweaks in this one too.

So, before we proceed you need to understand that this is not an Official public release ROM though such beta releases are the test releases which Samsung gives out to its beta tester and we just extend this program with you in the form of these tutorials, so we have no responsibility if your Galaxy Tab get damaged as bricked, however we will try to help you out as much as possible and in a very rare case the Galaxy Tab gets bricked. Rest assured if you follow the procedure as it’s mentioned below there is no way that you will be able to brick or lock your Samsung Galaxy Tab. Do, ensure that the firmware which you will be upgrading is only on Samsung Galaxy Tab with the model number as P1000 and nothing else and also this firmware update is not applicable for all those whose Galaxy Tab is either Network specific or Locked as this will brick your Galaxy Tab. Only Network free Galaxy Tabs can be updated with the procedure mentioned below.

So, if you are new to the firmware upgradation process, you will have to ensure that you have created a backup of all Contacts, Messages, Applications, Images, and Videos as in the due course of the firmware update your device will be completely wiped which will eventually erase all the things in your phone, though after creating the backup you can easily restore back all the contents including the Call log too. Also, ensure that the phone is charged more than 50% so as to facilitate the smoother firmware update as the firmware update generally requires higher battery life though higher the battery life is always better. Also, ensure that all antivirus, firewalls etc. are closed as these may interrupt the process of updation. Most importantly close entire operations of the KIES software suite on your computer as this may interrupt the installation process. Also, it’s recommended to remove memory card or the SIM card if any so as to further ensure that data is not lost in these mediums. Also, installing this firmware doesn’t mean that it will root the device or void the warranty only when you Root the Galaxy Tab, the warranty gets void.

Procedure to update Galaxy Tab P1000 with Froyo 2.2:

  • First up you will have to download the Complete XWJMK firmware flash kit from here after which you will have to open the Odin’s exe file from the downloaded package after which you will see that a pop up screen will be launched which will look like the below shown screen shot.
  • Odin P1000

  • Now, after opening the Odin, in the Option list as shown below, you will have to check all the options in the Option field which are “Re Partition”, “Auto Reboot” and also the “F:Reset Time”. Now, as soon as you update all the option fields with the check marks as shown in the red circle below, you will have to next choose the PIT file.
  • Select Options in Odin

  • Next up you will have to put your phone in the download mode which can be done by pressing the download mode and then by holding the volume down button you will have to switch ON the device as shown in the below pictured manner.


    Enter into download Mode
  • So, after entering in the download mode successfully you will have to connect your device to the computer with the data cable and need to make sure that the ID:COM box glows yellow which means that all the device drivers are loaded successfully and you are ready to proceed for the rest of the steps ahead. You will have to enter in the options as mentioned below,

PIT – P1_add_hidden.pit,

PDA – P1000XWJMK-REV03-ALL-CL900323.tar.md5,

Phone – MODEM_P1000XXJMA.tar.md5 &

CSC – GT-P1000-CSC-PHNJM5.tar.md5

  • ID COM YellowNow, there you go you can now hit on the Start button after which you will have to wait for a while till the Green colored “PASS” box is not shown up which is shown below. It may take 3-5 minutes to show up this box.

Odin PASS Box

  • Now, next up you will have to click on the Reset button and then you need to just simply un check the “Re Partition” box and then you will have to select the PDA, Phone and CSC files which are in the downloaded zip file of the firmware n the respective options as shown in the below screen shot.

Select PDA Phone CSC

  • After this remove the battery and then enter into the download mode as by the above mentioned method by putting the battery again into the device after which selecting all the options like PDA, Phone and CSC you need to click on the start button as shown below after seeing the Green colored PASS button.

Hit on Start

So, that’s it you have now successfully upgraded to the new latest firmware of XWJMK Froyo 2.2 version for your Galaxy Tab. Now to simply find via the code whether you have upgraded the firmware or not successfully, all you need to do is to just simply enter in the code as *#1234# after which you will be able to see the device’s version number along with the firmware version in detail easily. Do, let us know if you face or any issues while updating the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Password –



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