Galaxy Tab P1000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to XXJQ1 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware

Pre Upgrade Instructions:

  • Ensure that you own a Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 and not similar looking models like P1010 or even any such other Galaxy Tabs or else you will brick your Tab or some of the functionalities might not work.
  • Also, most importantly note that only Network free Galaxy Tabs can be updated with the procedure which is mentioned below.
  • Create a backup of all the Contacts, Messages, Applications, Images, and Videos as in the due course of the firmware update your device will be completely wiped which will eventually erase all the things in your phone, though after creating the backup you can easily restore back all the contents including the Call log too which too can be backed up.
  • Your Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 should be charged to more than 50% so as to facilitate the smoother firmware update as the firmware update generally requires higher battery life though higher the battery life is always better.
  • It’s highly recommended to close all the Antivirus programs, firewall software applications including the softwares like KIES etc. as these softwares may prevent the firmware upgradation and also is advised to remove memory card or the SIM card if any so as to further ensure that data is not lost in these mediums.
  • Installing this firmware doesn’t mean that you will have to root the device or void the warranty as the only way you can void the warranty is when you Root the Galaxy Tab.

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