Galaxy Tab P1000

How To Update Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 to XXJQ1 Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware

Samsung Galaxy TabThere have been talks doing the round about the rolling out of the latest Gingerbread update for Galaxy Tab P1000. So, now am sure you too would want to update your device with the same, so yes let’s check out on how you can easily update your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.3.3. It has been reported that in Italy the update has been rolled out. Last time we saw on how you can easily update your Samsung Galaxy Tab P 1000 with Android 2.2 version with some minor enhancements but now let’s proceed and see on how you can update with Gingerbread 2.3.3 XXJQ1 straight away and also this update is not the beta release or even the test release but it’s a KIES release which some of the Italian users have got. So, any one with their Galaxy Tab P 1000 around the World can update their devices by following the below mentioned instructions.

It’s very important to follow the pre firmware update instructions as well as the instructions to upgrade the Galaxy Tab P 1000 or else there is a high probability that you might even brick your Tab. Also, please note that since this is the official release by Samsung, the warranty will not be void if you update your device with the same. Please note that the build number is XXJQ1 while the base band version is P1000XXJPZ. In a move to make firmware updation simpler and easy to understand, we have listed down the simple and easy to understand steps below so that you will not face any difficulties while updating the Galaxy Tab.

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