How To Update Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830 with Official Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 Firmware

Galaxy Ace DDKQ6 LogoTime has now come to take out all your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Phones to update with the stable version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 version of firmware. This update is dubbed as the DDKQ6, last time we saw an Indian Specific version of firmware which was the DDKQ5 version of firmware and now we will see the advanced and Official firmware. This Gingerbread DDKQ6 Gingerbread 2.3.4 version of firmware is the Official version of firmware which Samsung has already pushed via KIES some days back, just in case if you haven’t got the update then we will guide you on how you can update this manually on your phone. This update comes as a huge respite for all those who had issues with all their current or older versions of firmware. We hope that this update will stabilize the phone and will bring in the host of other better features as well as the enhancements which we have mentioned below.

To make things simple we have broken this article into two pages wherein in this page you will see the list of enhancements as well as the list of pre requisite instructions which needs to be followed and then followed by the instructions to update the phone in the next page. Please note that anyone with their unlocked Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 phone can proceed with the procedure to update. All the Galaxy Ace phones purchased from India are the unlocked phones by default.

Rooting Information: In the process of this firmware update, the phone won’t be rooted as this firmware is the official release released by the Samsung Electronics Ltd. Please note that just in case if you have already rooted the phone then after updating with this firmware the rooting access will be revoked. To root the phone again after updating with this version we will soon come out with the procedure to root the phone. Kindly don’t apply any other rooting procedure on this firmware update as that won’t be working.

Disclaimer: In any manner we should not be held responsible in parts or in whole if any damage happens to your device caused by updating the firmware which is a very unlikely event if you follow the instructions as mentioned in the article. The instructions include the pre requisites and the procedure to update the phone.

Caution: This update is not applicable for the phones which are network locked devices, updating with this firmware won’t in any manner will unlock the device and also will void the warranty straightaway as soon as you apply this update.

Enhancements in DDKQ6 Gingerbread 2.3.4 Releas

  • Better Battery Life,
  • RAM DUMP Mode error solved,
  • Home screen lag and the brightness bug has been solved,
  • Stability fixes have been induced in this version,

Pre Requisites:
Before proceeding to the instructions which are mentioned in the next page, it’s very important to follow the list of pre requisites wherein all the information regarding the backup and restore to the other tips which will help you in updating the phone safely without any issues. We have mentioned a link just below this paragraph which will take you to the dedicated page where we have mentioned the pre requisites.

Pre Requisites to be followed before updating the Phone


  1. download link is gone… is there another possibility to download??

  2. does this work on samsung galaxy ace s5830i? my version is 2.3.6 can i downgrade it if u know how pls help

  3. Thanks a ton .. completed successfully …. One thing to notice is …. recovery mode is reached by only pressing OK + POWER KEY

  4. Thanks a ton .. completed successfully …. One thing to notice is …. recovery mode is reached by only pressing OK + POWER KEY

  5. Thanks a ton .. completed successfully …. One thing to notice is …. recovery mode is reached by only pressing OK + POWER KEY

  6. Hey. Recently tried to update the firmware on my Galaxy Ace using Kies, and well.. it killed my phone. It won’t boot, (goes straight to a phone … ! computer screen).
    Figured I’d try this to recover it, but I am getting this error when I try:

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    check download environment.
    e – big partition size!!
    Destroy instant..
    Killed timer

    Any ideas?

  7. Hey, i hv samsung galaxy ace n its on 2.2.1 how to upgrade it

  8. Major issue… I’ve done everything and now I can’t recieve texts!!! What’s happened I’m really worried!!!!

  9. how much time do we have to wait after stating the odin multi downloader ….

  10. does it work for downgrading? i am currently on 2.3.6
    (stock) and i want to downgrade it.

  11. Why my computer cannot detect my phone samsung galaxy ace s5830 in download mode. please help

  12. Hi Neal,

    i got a samsung ace S5830B! not S5830, on my phone it got a “B” at the end, will there be any problem if i update with this frimware?

    I had destroyed my android because i rooted it and deleted some files that was for wi-fi.So the wifi stopped working!And i finaly found ur site, followed the instrunctions, reinstalled the android(ours android) and now its working!! :DDDDDDDDD THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! I LOVE U!! :)

  14. i’m New ONE her!!!! i had ace s5830 PDA:BVKC4 PHONE:BVKC2 CSC:FTMKC3 android 2.2.1 can i upgrad directly to Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6!!!!!!!!! PLZ GUIDE ME AND THANK’X A LOT

  15. I too experienced the RAMDUMP issue. I removed battery and reseaed it, the phone appeared to work properly at first but while using it over th next few days, I experienced the screen turning off ramdomly while I was using it. I could only get the screen to come back on by pushing the “lock” key and unlocking it again. Also the phone would crash when using WiFi tethering.
    I then used the Samsung Kies software to update to an official ROM and I have not had any problems what-so-ever since.

  16. will Samsung Galaxy ace 5830i support android 4 upgrade

  17. Hi neal,

    i would like to ask if the odin downloader requires a internet connection for updating or not?please advice me. thanks.

  18. I have a samsung galaxy ace.
    I restarted my phone in download mode, but the setup file from has stopped downloading at 9.4MB out of 118.7MB.
    What can i do now

  19. the hotfile link is not working anymore. any other links/mirror please? thanks..

  20. why i cant go into 3G after this update

  21. reply me sir…..

  22. Dear sir

    I’m using Samsung galaxy ace s5830 model, my issue is ” dealya lock open” and “Gallery photos is disappered” please help me ASAP

    My current android version is : 2.3.4


  23. dear sir

    i’m using samsung galaxy ace s5830, my issue is delay lock open and gallery photos is disappered please help me sir….

    My current android version:-2.3.4

  24. thanx a lot man..always wanned to see how to better my galaxy ace..its working superb….

  25. it worked perfecly for me. I have updated my Samsung ACE and it works again. The only point is that it is not clear when to widraw the usb cable in the end. It can be done as soon as the upload is finished in odin.

  26. Hi neel, plz provide me the link to download the files for upgrading and also the guide

  27. i also faced RAMDUMP problem,

    for entering recovery mode,

    i did not used volume UP key to enter recovery mode,

    i just pressed OK[HOME] button and POWR button simultanously !!

    it worked !!

  28. can u tell me how i can change to 3g mode i this firmware???? in settings there is no option in settings to deactivate 2g like in old version can u help ?????
    thanks advance……..

  29. Hi Pradeep,

    I am using samsung galaxy ace mobile with gingerbread 2.3.4. yesterday i downloaded gingerbread 2.3.5 updates from internet and i copied that in my sd card. When i installing the updates, im facing error like this,

    (status 0)
    Installation aborted.
    E: failed to mount /cache (Invalid argument)
    E: can’t mount /cache/recovery/Log

    this is the error im facing still now… please give the solution to resolve this… and send me the official gingerbread download link.. please please do the needful..

    Thanks in advance.

    • please unmount and then mount! why did you touch the mounting part, we never mentioned this!

  30. I bricked Galxy Ace S5830 phone trying to unlock it
    Originally France SFR Locked. I wanted to use it in Israel
    Now when I swith it on I only get black screen Flashing.
    I was told flashing a nes ROM will make it work
    I tried flashing many ROMs including this last one DDKQ6 and Odin says PASS but still get black flashing screen.
    If I press Start + Vol+ + Vol- + Power I get a screen with Emergency Dlowd Mode (ARM9 Mode) but nothing else as if the phone is frozen

    What Can I do?

  31. hi neal et all,

    having folowed the steps and done all..when i restarted the phone it just shows the screen as Samsun Galaxy Model No and wont come to the home screen…tried all combinations but it seems to be hung…again tried wid volume down+menu+power it shows downloading and is again stuck and just showing downloading..

    I hope my phone is not dead…

    please assist neal !

    appreciate !

    thanx !

  32. hi Neal,

    bro i used above instructions and once i unzipped the files to my computer,i pressed the volume down+ok+power button but since then the phone is showing downloading…..

    this is happening while connected wid the computer..

    am using 2.2.1 version.

    please advise what to do next.Do i wait overnite :( while it shows downloading,

    hope you are awake and will revert soon.

    thanks in advance !

  33. hi neel,

    am following the instructions,after unzipping the files when i press the volume down+ok+power button the phone gets into downloading and it is continuously showing as downloading…do i need to do something while it is downloading or just wait overnite:(

    btw,phone is still connected to the compute…pls assist brother…thanks in advance

  34. i love you meri jaan neel

    i have update this

    amit juyal

  35. I’m getting only 3 files:
    1] Cooper_v1.0
    2] S5570_Odin+Multi+Downloader+v4.38
    3] S5830DDKQ6_S5830ODDKQ5_S5830DDKQ6_HOME.tar
    I’ve tried more than 5 times.. but i keep getting only 3 files.. where as the video you’ve posted shows 7! Please help ASAP.

    Thanks in advance :)

  36. hey buddy after pressin menu+power button also m still unable to reach to recovery mode i tried vol. up key+menu+power also…plz suggest me another way to reach to recovery mode….thnx.

  37. hey buddy after pressin menu+power button also m still unable to reach to recovery mode i tried vol. up key+menu+power also…plz suggest me another way to reach to recovery mode….thnx

  38. i live in london will this update cause any distruptions or affect my galaxy by any chance! ?

  39. i have installed ice scream sandwitch 4.0 on my samsung galaxy ace…….and it’s working f9…and it’s features are just awsome thn any other android vers. till date

  40. saya mau tanya, froyo hape sdaya samsung galaxy ace 2.2
    kenapa ya saya bisa mendownload aplikasi dari android market, tp tidak bisa diinstal.

    yang kedua, kenapa terkadang kamera saya lama loadingnya?
    yang ketiga, bisa ngga sih, menghapus sms tapi hanya yang kita pilih dan tidak makan waktu lama?
    keempat, bagaimana cara upgrade froyonya menjadi 2.4?
    terakhir, apakah loading lama ini disebabkaan ram yang sudah hampir penuh? bagaimana cara aga hape tidak lemot?

    terima kasih banyak :)

  41. I applyed this ROM and the only problem is with wifi conexion, it seems to get it but then disconect and try again and the same. I did wipe all data and cache a couple of times. Is there someone with same problem?

  42. Hi Neal,

    I tried updating my Ace following your instruction, however, when I click \START\ on ODIN, it gives an error message, \ An unnamed file was not found. Can you help me resolve this please!

    Thanks in advance!

  43. Hi Neal,
    Seaons Greetings!

    I am a regular visitor of your blog and site , it is been fairly accurate and helpful for me so far-as I upgraded my Galaxy ace from 2.2 to 2.3.4 and now even rooted the same- while upgrading this set to TheMyth ICS lite- as per the set of instructions given above all of a sudden I started getting the error of E: Failed to mount /Cache(invalid argument), E: can’t mount /cache/recovery and E: can’t open/cache/recovery/last_log etc. and then phone stops at that.

    as per one of the posts above I tied to connect the set to doin and upload the DDKQ6 firmware ,but even after leaving the phone connected to odin for around 20 minutes nothing is happening and the set is not getting starting and stops as the Samsung screen.

    please advice on how to mount SD card and get rid of the above errors to take the phone set to normal condition.

    Many thanks in advance.


  44. Hi NeaL

    Just a couple quick questions.

    1. I am running the 2.3.4 DDKQ5 on the GT-S5830, Is it worth upgrading to DDKQ6, also would i have to roll back to any version or am i good to go?
    Also do you have any more specific info on the updates between the two?

    2. I know about having to make backups to keep every thing safe but seeing as i will be updating from DDKQ5 to DDKQ6 do I have to be as vigilant when it comes to backing up everything again, is it a risky update in terms of loosing files?

    Thanks in advance

  45. link is down

  46. Hey Neil,, HAPPY NEW YEAR

    Currently I have the 2.3.3 Gingerbread version on my phone and I have updated the above update… here is wht happened.. The update was successfull and after the restart I get an error \sorry! The application setup wizard(Process com.sec.amdroid.ugl) has stoppedun expectedly. Please try agin…… Force close\ and this contines .. I tried going into the recovery and it stops at the screen RAMDUMP Mode(ARM9 Mode) and I had to go back to the 2.3.3.. Any solutions for this?

    Thanks in advance..

  47. much time does it take to upgrade? how do i come to know of this? plz help!

  48. much time does it take to complete the procedure? its been 3 hrs and still it says “downloading”. how do you come to know if there has been a successful download?

  49. Hi Neal,

    I have updated my Galaxy Ace from Froyo to Official Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 Firmware. But in this procedure somehow the USB software of my phone is deleted, now the phone is not detected by computer. Please help me out.

  50. where to get ddkq6 2.3.4 original firmware……pls send me the link…..

  51. My S5830 working fine with DDKQ6! Thanks NeaL

  52. Hi NeaL,

    After updating to the DDKQ6 Version i noticed that randomly the screen turns off. Its not the display setting as it happens randomly and when in the middle of something. You cant press the home button to turn display back on, you have to press the power button, then slide to unlock, thus this closes the page/app you were just using.

    Sometimes the screen will turn off then on for about a half second randomly too. This is only since the upgrade.

    Do you have any ideas as to what i can do to fix it?

    Thanks in advance, Stirling

  53. Neal while downloadin was takin place. the message sector of odin promt the following, \ — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5 \. what does that means man?. btw aft 17 mins its still downloading

  54. does it support arabic language???

  55. What is the type of DDKQ (Indian, English, Arabic,…) ??

  56. Dear Neal,

    I updated my galaxy ace with 2.3.5xwks9 firmware a couple of a days before.. I just want to know which one its better 2.3.4ddkq6 or 2.3.5xwks9.. Hope you will reply soon….

  57. How can i check if my phone is network locked?!?!?!Thanks. :)

  58. I have updated my ACE to Cyanogen MOD 7 and clockwork mod. I want the Samsung stock ROM back. Can I use the above files and procedure to get back to Samsung stock ROM. Pls reply. I am not enjoying this Cyanogen ROM

  59. The very best and clear News is really much imptortant to us.

  60. A topic close to my heart several thanks, i have been thinking about about this subject for some time.

  61. Latanya Diederichs

    I believe you’ve got remarked some extremely interesting details , appreciate it for the post.

  62. i did everything that was told until the part where you need to go to the recovery mode and choose the options Wipe data/factory reset, select Wipe Cache partition and then reboot your device by selecting reboot system now option. i am unable to do this because when i went to the recovery mode, it just says downloading. is this suppose to happen?

  63. hello neal
    i upgraded my samsung gt5670 with ur xxkpg after upgrade i m not able to connect my mobile with my pc
    now i want to upgrade my phone with xxkpi but i cant update it because my my phone is not conectig with my pc in downloding mode it dont show it on odin downloader please help me how i can updet my phone pls halp me
    thank in advanse

  64. Am I the only one who can’t download the .rar. file? All I get is server timeout/connection reset.

  65. Dear Neal,
    I use a wifi network and use my phone as a modem to my pc. After installing this update i am not being able to do so. This was not there when I had Froyo. I hav the latest version of Kies installed and have updated my phone following the steps mentioned above.

  66. Hello,
    Where is the download link? i can’t see it

  67. hey i dont see the use only 2G network option in the Mobile Network in setting but my friend running a 2.4.6 seem to have the option. The update you mentioned dint work neal :) .. is there any way i can get that option back. Looks like that is the problem

  68. After applying this update i am not being able to use my phone as a MODEM. I hav the latest version of KIES installed. When i had the Froyo Version there was no such problem… Kindly HElp. Also if i need to download anything further please mention. Thanx.

  69. its not a network locked phone. Its a unlocked phone i got from India . i had done the DDKQ5 update from there and when i came here i was not able to connect to 3G .So i tried the DDKQ6 but still no hope. Please help…

    • do one thing, turn off the phone, press center button and power button to enter recovery mode and then clear all the data. After this re apply the update of DDKQ6. It will work!

  70. Hey Neal, I am from the US and i tried updating my phone with this firmware .I am still not able to connect to 3G .I contacted my network provider (T-Mobile) and got the APN settings verified and it all seemed fine but my phone doesn’t connect using 3G. I cant find an option anywhere. Please help .

  71. hey Neal,

    I have DDKQ5 and have trouble connecting to a 3G network despite the fact that the APN settings (T-Mobile) are all fine .
    Will updating to DDKQ6 help fix the issue.

  72. The numeric keypad shows hyphens between numbers now. Please help

  73. Neal,

    Remember me?

    I’m having problem with the download package…the fili inside it is neve with the same name you show….I’ve download it 3 times!!!

    Always I download the file comes with this name S5830DDKQ6_S5830ODDKQ5_S5830DDKQ6_HOME.tar while you said S5830XWKS2_S5830XENKS1_S5830XWKS2_HOME.tar

    What to do?

  74. Thank you very much!

  75. Can i update to DDKQ6 straight from Froyo 2.2.1.? Thanks

  76. Thanks for reply.

    Im just looking for Samsung Email application which came originally with my phone… anywhere i can find this application????

  77. Dear Neal,

    Thank you for the post, it works perfect on my Ace which i was struglling to update the firmware via Kies for 15 days.

    I need your help my phone came originally with Samsung E-mail apps. Once after reset to factory setting (there was no problem with the phone, just simple factory reset), that app with few other apps disappeared (this happen before any firmware update/ upgrade. With this upgrade also i can’t find samsung e-mail app, i tried my best to get samsung e-mail app but can’t get anyway. Please help.



  78. Dear sir

    please i need your help.

    I have samsung ACE firmware version 2.3.3
    Samsung FIT firmware version 2.3.4

    i would like to upgrade my phones officially,or i will lose my warranty if i done it other things

    I live in United Kingdom.

    Can you please tell me when samsung will upgrade my both phones firmware to the latest firmware.

    I wrote to you so many times before,but i can’t find your reply,i got lost.i don’t know where to go to find my query

    Can you please make your website easier,example:

    When i type on the search section on your website,and type my name,i can go directly to my query,NOT searching for all query to find my own query

    please i hope you can do that.

    thank you so much for your help in advance

    My kindest regards

  79. Hey Neal first of all .. Appreciate the post and ur support . Need small help, with the instructions I was able update 3phones to gingerbread . Everything works fine smooth.. Haha exceptions always there so here goes my only problem.. My phone turns off automatically , specially after ending a call. I was searching the entire support chain if anyone else reported the same issue but lucky me im first who has this issue .. Ny suggestions on this?
    Thanks Bro ..

  80. And in addition to my previous question I also got one more question … Do we have Icecreamsandwitch android 4 for S5830?

  81. Hey Neal first of all .. Appreciate the post and ur support . Need small help, with the instructions I was able update 3phones to gingerbread . Everything works fine smooth.. Haha exceptions always there so here goes my only problem.. My phone turns off automatically , specially after ending a call. I was searching the entire support chain if anyone else reported the same issue but lucky me im first who has this issue .. Ny suggestions on this?
    Thanks Bro ..

  82. i have DDKQ5…should i update it to DDKQ6? Now I’m facing some prob .. browser is auto restart wit in 3min

  83. hey neel i gt how to take a screen shot on 2.3.4 (ddkq6) galaxy ace

    its home button + power key

  84. I have updated my Galaxy ace to Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 successfully. but my phone screen back light always turn off automatically. what should I solve this problem?

  85. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 from Brazil (TIM Carrier), can I make this upgrade? My GPS, 3G, Phone Calls etc… will work??

  86. i’ve a strange problem with my phone, which I face on ddkq6 & also had it on froyo, – occasionally the sound that is suppose to come out from the back speaker, comes out from front ear piece.

    i’ve never faced this problem with ddkq5.
    Any suggestions?

  87. i am having 2.3.4 ! what is btr 2.3.5 or 2.3.5 ?

  88. thank you very much Neal..i have successfully updated my set to 2.3.4 ddkq6…
    now how can i root this version, if possible please answer…..can i root my upgraded 2.3.4 ddkq6 with recent procedure provided (2.3.5 DDKQ5 or DDKQ6 rooting)

  89. my phone doesnt rotate anymore,i bought it 3 days ago only..i tried adjusting calibration,all problem..what should i do?i wna fix it myself.pls help.

  90. We brought new Samsung Galaxy ace yesterday. android version 2.2 , as u mention in one comment 2.3.4 better than 2.3.5, so, can we update the mobile phone directly to 2.3.4 version. please suggest us if possible.

  91. I have atttempted this update using the Odin but it cannot open the USB port 5. One other item to note on my phone is that it does not have the graphic you show in download mode. It just displays the word “Downloading” in fairly small text.
    Please help me.In this case how can i update galaxy ace to 2.3.4 DDKQ6 Firmware.

    Thanks anyway

    • Check with another pc as its showing that the USB port doesnt have sufficient rights to push the updates or to communicate with the device!

      • I would follow as you have suggested but before that i would like to ask one thing. My galaxy ace does not have the graphic as you show in download mode. It just displays the word “Downloading” in fairly small text. Does this make any difference if upgrade my set. Please ans if i should continue upgrading..

        Thankyou very for your previous reply.

  92. i have DDKQ5…should i update it to DDKQ6? whats the difference b/w the two?

  93. when its done its stop at “samsung” screan
    help what now?

  94. will ace update to v2.3.5 and send all instruction

  95. say about the open usb ports

  96. hey can yu plzz gt cyanogenmod for galaxy ace with all fixes plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  97. hi guys! just bought my ace a week ago..and now i’m looking for something that myt be helpful to make my ace more useful…

    android version: 2.3.4
    baseband version: s5830dxkpd
    build number: gingerbread.dxkpd

    just wana ask whats d difference between dxkpd and ddkq6?

    thanx a lot..

  98. I updated my ace to DDKQ6. But m syill gettin ramdump error :(
    wat should i do??

  99. and even the screen grab function(back+home) isn’t working for me :(

  100. Thanks a lot for this wonderful guide :)
    but after updating I can’t connect through my wifi, “Obtaining IP address” prevails and it never gets connected please help!!!

  101. Thnx neal for the help…..i updated my phn is working fine yet …but i was not able to root my phn i.e. clear or wipe the datas….will my phn be affected in the near future…

  102. @rushi…..thanks a lot pal!!!!ur method got me into the recovery mode!!!
    note all users… go into the recovery mode u gotta press the home key(middle button) n keeping it pressed u gotta press the power button simultaneously!!!!

  103. dude… plz….
    i got everything right till the firmware upgrade part……but wen i did the next part i.e recovery mode…..
    recovery mode isnt coming instead “ramdump mode”(ARM9 mode is coming)….after this im not able to do anything….pleas help

  104. Gr8 work Neal.

    Question: Do you know is there fonts available for Android 2.3.4?


  105. Thanks Neal Pradeep. Very useful info.

  106. Hi! Neal,
    I updated my phone to DDKQ6 on 22 October and wrote you about the issues I faced in the comment on the same day I made. Now I read your reply given on 24 October. So are the issues (csc issue and other ) are resolved and have I need to again download it from your site.

  107. i updated succesfully, but i have a question:

    is there already a root? if the answer is no, could you please make one?


  108. can I update my phone with 2.2.1?


    is there already a root for this firmware available?

  109. jack says:
    October 24, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    hi neal
    how do i know if my phone is a network locked device? and also i live in greece does this firmware have greek in it???


    jack Reply:
    October 24th, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    if not which firmware is the best for my language because me menu stacks all the time???


    NeaL Pradeep Reply:
    October 25th, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    which language are you looking for?


    jack Reply:
    October 26th, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    im looking for greek language .what do you suggest????

  110. Hi
    for updating
    galaxy ace should be rooted or unrooted?

  111. I am unable to download DDQ6 package.
    The link on clicking gets stuck in an infinite loop.
    I mean get an error the server is taking too long to respond for past one week.

  112. hey im unable to download the zip file ddkq6……plz help me….

  113. hey can u plz help…..not able to download ddkq6

  114. im not able to download DDKQ6,,,,,its not openin….can u plz help me fast….

  115. I have already updated my ACE to DDKQ6 andriod2.3.4. I am from India. Need a procedure to root for this firmware

  116. I have upgrade to 2.3.4 DDKQ6 but these licences error are occured please clarify why?

    Open source licences

    Notices for file(s):

    Copyright (c) 2010, The Android Open Source Project

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “license”);
    you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.

    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed

    on an “AS IS” BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KINE, either express or implied. See the License for

    the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

    Apache License
    Version 2.0, January 2004

    Notices for files(s):

    Notices for files(s):

    Notices for files(s):

    Notices for files(s):

    And many more

    Thank You.

  117. Yesterday only I got my ace…but after connecting to wifi I am not able to connect to the Internet could you please help me in that….Thanks a lot..

  118. how to root the phone after upgrading to ddkq6 firmware…..plz help

  119. hii neal..

    if my ace become brick what should i do?

  120. What happen if i upgrade my galaxy ace with firmwere of galaxy S or any other fone??

  121. goes well DDKQ6 seems better, thank you Neal great job.

  122. My phone is android 2.2.1 i am facing a problem at the stage of firmware upgradation odin is showing mes Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 5

  123. Hi Neal and Thanks for your answers.
    Please help me!!!
    Which one is better?
    Ddkq6 or xwks2
    I need a fast version with excellent performance.

  124. guys i had a prb with wifi there is sometime “error” when i turn on my wifi and then i have to restart my phone if i wanna use wifi…i am using this version stl dint solve my damn prb..!

  125. Hello Neal, I got the Gingerbread 2.3.4 DDKQ6 and sometimes the screen goes very dark, other it goes very brightness and if I check on settings > display > brightness, it’s still in the same place…

    I did ALL the steps as it’s on the instructions : )

    Should I reinstall the update?


  126. hi neal
    how do i know if my phone is a network locked device? and also i live in greece does this firmware have greek in it???

  127. i m on ddkq6 and its picking up so much ram thats why my phone is running slower so what can i do now?
    and is it good to go on xxkph ???

  128. if we go back to turning this problem, Gingerbread XWKS2 2.3.5 comes with some issues about the limited memory on the S5830, by moving some software from phone memory to the SD card with the ex4 format. as far as my experience XWKPT 2.3.4 is the best in memory to compress my application, better than DDKQ5. and now how the issues with DDKQ6 ?, just a matter of course stability or anyone else? You can explain that? Thank you Neal.

  129. which is better 2.3.5 or 2.3.4 DDKQ6 ?

    & does the DDKQ6 version has the blue scroll light which the 2.3.5 version has?

  130. I have just purchased Galaxy Ace and found that with Gtalk, we can do chat only and not voice / video calls.

    How to do voice calls by using Gtalk ? Is there any other application to make Gtalk to work, which i can use to make voice call. Yahoo to Yahoo & Skype to Skype is working but, most of all my friends are using Gtalk. Please provide me a solution if any one knows. I am in UAE.

    Thanks in advance.

  131. Hello Neal

    I have upgraded with 2.3.4 DDKQ6, with odin, got blue box with pass result too.

    my questions.

    Do i really require to do the recovery mode, wipe data/factory reset and after that wipe cache partition?

    well, when i tried for it, by pressing volume button up + ok button and switch on the mobile..
    it just show a box on screen with ROMDUMP msg, what shall i do?

    is it okie? is phone got upgraded perfectly?

    • Is your phone is working alright in the normal mode?

      • Yeah.. at the moment is working fine with normal condition.. even wireless network get connected smoothly..
        my question is.. do i really need to go to recovery mode and perform 1. wipe data/factory reset 2. wipe cache partition?

    • Press home key and power key only to get in to recovey mode.

      Don’t release both keys till you get in to recovery mode. This will surely works for you.

      All the best.

      • thanks rushi for your help.. i really appreciate it.. but my question remain same.. do i really require to do the recovery mode procedure? 1. wipe data/factory reset 2. wipe cache partition?

  132. I just upgraded my phone to ddkq6, and it is very sad to tell that ramdump problem is as it is. One more important thing is that during upgrading process my phone did not restarted automatically. After manual post update procedure when I rebooted and checked phone status by *#1234# , csc was still DDKQ5.
    So Neal please solve the problem or at least please let me know.

  133. i have updated ma Galaxy ace with Gingerbread 2.3.4 bt i am not getting home screen of Gingerbread.
    meanz there is no difference btw homescreen of froyo n Gingerbread even after updating..plz help…

  134. Hi Pradeep,
    I have updated my Samsung Ace to gingerbread 2.3.4 (DDKQ6) but I have not seen any difference in this version just the taskbar icons (battery indicator, signal strength…) and fonts have changed. Performance is the same what I was getting in Android 2.2 version and one more thing I was not able to reset the wipe data/factory reset. Please advise.


  135. Will there be any release of Gingerbread 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Mini? What about the offical release of Gingerbread 2.3.4 for Asia particularly for Malaysia, Philippines Region? The last gingerbread release was for China, Hongkong region. Thanks & Hope you can help me with the answers.

  136. which one is good 2.3.5 or 2.3.4???

    • 2.3.4 is the stable one!!!

      • yeah…it’s stable… but after using it for a month, i found that the phone sometimes restarting itself like when i was in the midst of playing imobsters it suddenly restarted… anyone facing the same situation? any views? comments? on this…

  137. Want to upgrade your Samsung Ace to gingerbread 2.3.4 (DDKQ6)….Don’t look for any other method….JUST Go to the nearest Samsung Mobile Service Centre……they will upgrade your Ace in 1hr for free… is the safest way to upgrade your Ace……Don’t upgrade ur phone on Kies… is risky as your phone can get stuck……can hang or can brick… better to go to service centre….and enjoy the buttersmooth ACE…

    • A sound advice. I tried updating my phone through kies and it got stuck for an hour on the downloading screen. samsung service center is the way to.

  138. Hi Neal,

    Screen capture is not working in this new update i.e. DDKQ6 – Please advise what to do ?

    Note that the same was working in DDKQ5 by pressing HOME + BACK key.

  139. pls tell is this update is better than 2.3.3 xxkpe?

  140. Hey I hve updated to 2.3.4 ddkq6
    and my cellphone is not teathering to laptop . I hve reinstal the kies again the same problem
    can anyone help me
    thanks in advance

  141. Hi Neal,
    This does not appear to work on an Aussie Telstra ROM, I have atttempted this update using the Odin but it cannot open the USB port 5. One other item to note on my phone is that it does not have the graphic you show in download mode. It just displays the word “Downloading” in fairly small text.
    I guess I will have to wait for the official firmware once Tesltra have finished playing with it.
    Thanks anyway

  142. while charging the phone i try pressing the phone it become lagging and hang there

  143. hey when i try to post a new thread in forum its log out me and say register your self.and why androidadvices so lazy in replay .

  144. Hey Neal,

    Sorry to say you the following :

    1) What do you mean by official release 2.3.4 (DDKQ6) ? What about 2.3.4 (DDKQ5) ? this was not official release by Samsung ?? Any way, what is the difference between this two.

    2) You have already published official relese 2.3.5. How come, after official release of 2.3.5, you are publising official release 2.3.4 ?

    Please advise, which version is best based on your experience, we will keep the same in our mobile. You are confusing us by relesing so many versions that to higher end first and then, lower end (i mean, 2.3.5 first & 2.3.4 after).

    Once again sorry. Please advise as requested above.

  145. Is this update advisable after upgrading it to Gingerbread 2.3.5 XWKS2?

  146. Hey guys! I’ve updated my Galaxy Ace s5830 from 2.2.1 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 and it’s working very smooth!! I loved the new icons and details. The only detail I noticed is that sometimes the brightness goes to most dark. I can see that the screen is still on but it goes ver dark! It comes back to normal when I lock the device and unlock again. Any ideas? Thkss!!

  147. I have new Samsung Galaxy Ace. Please advise why it will not work with the Bluetooth of my Mercedes A160.

  148. guys i did this but it dint even format my phone just change current version from 2.3.5 to 2.3.4..!
    how come ?
    u think it will resolve my wifi prb ??

  149. Mahesh Kumar Singh

    i want to roll back to 2.3.5 i rooted my ace and also apply clockworkmode and cyangone mode please sujest me what i can do for this update can i directly apply this update or its brick my device

  150. will my data plan work in asia, singapore , 3G will with this software

  151. Mahesh Kumar Singh

    i update with cyangone mode 7.1 and flash with overclock mode but i want to again with this version can i updated from this version i also rooted my handset please guide me.

  152. hi neal im currently running this os.. but i wanna know what os is better? is it 2.3.4 ddkq6 or 2.3.5 xwks2?


      • Deal Neal,

        U recommended DDKQ6. Is 2.3.5 xwks2 not better than 2.3.4 ddkq6?. Whats the benefit of updating 2.3.4 to 2.3.5.

        Please reply.


        • u get to see the new user interface!

        • Thanks for the reply Neal.

          I am currently running:
          Android Ver: 2.3.5
          Baseband Ver: S5830XWKS2
          Kernel Version: – perf- CL654989 root@DELL130#1
          Build No: GINGERBREAD.XWKS9

          I dont find any change in the user interface with respect to 2.3.4
          And one last question: Am i using the right Upgrade version. And as per your experience which is better 2.3.4 or 2.3.5

          Many thanks for the replies.


    • Hello, Im about to update my samsung galaxy ace through kies, my phone got unlocked to any network and when the update pops up in kies it has (VIR) at the end of it, will this get rid of my unlocked to any netowkr and lock it to virgin again? :(