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5 Things Every Galaxy S6 Owner should do

Galaxy S6 may be the best smartphone Samsung has ever built. The device has great build quality, powerful processor, amazing camera sensors, all these feature sums up to the great device. Though, the device packs everything that a normal user would need, there are few things that every S6 user must do before he uses the device. So, here’s the list of things that must be done.

Setup the Fingerprint Sensor

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The fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S6 has improved a lot over the last year, it’s simple, it’s better than before. The setup process asks you to enable fingerprint sensor for better security. In case you have skipped the process during setup, head over to system settings and then to lock screen and security, there you have to choose fingerprint and add multiple fingers. Follow the on-screen instructions until the fingers are scanned properly and have a backup password, just in case if something goes wrong. Just a tap on the home button unlocks the device.

Disable Bloatware

You will see around 58 pre-installed app on the first boot of your S6 smartphone, and there is no way you can remove them as they are system default apps. We are not saying they are a complete waste, but it would have been nice if Samsung had included the Uninstall option to default apps. But you can disable the apps from using the device resources and all the disabled apps won’t show up in the app drawer. Open the app drawer and click the edit option and disable the apps which you don’t need, as simple as that. Do note that disabling doesn’t mean removing them completely from the device, simply stops running in the background.

Try The Themes

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Being able to customize every part of the device UI is great for any smartphone. This time Samsung has included a theme engine that has tons of themes inside it, these themes change the way the icons look, system apps, wallpapers, etc. The company is adding new themes every week and allows users to upload a theme. To apply themes, open theme store application and download the required themes and then apply it to see a completely changed over device.

Remove Briefing Home Screen Widget

Galaxy S5 has an app called “My Magazine”, The app generally briefs all the news updates from various sources and integrate them all under single roof, now the app has been renamed to “Briefing” and been added to home screen as widget. The app is still buggy and slows down the home screen transactions, the recommended solution is to remove the widget. Just hold down the widget for two seconds and uncheck the box that appears on top of it.

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Battery Tweaks

Battery is the most prominent thing every Android user would want. Galaxy S6 packs a non-removable 2,550mah battery, S6 features Super AMOLED display, which illuminated every individual pixel leaving the blacks. This mean that using a complete black wallpaper or black themes can save battery life to a great extent. Ultra power saving mode is yet another useful feature that will be of great help when battery about to die. By turning on this setting, the device turns into black and white with just calling and message functions enabled, and the normal power saver just dims the display and kills some of the unwanted background running apps.

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