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4 Things Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Does That S6 Can’t

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are most beautifully designed smartphones today, as well as they are the most powerful smartphones specs wise. Though, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge load same specification, there are few things that S6 Edge can do and the S6 can’t do. Not that we are complaining, there are things that are worth mentioning. Here are top three things that S6 Edge can do while S6 can’t.

Night clock

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - Gold

Being the world first dual edge smartphone, Samsung has loaded pretty impressive features that can be applied to the edge screen. Night clock is one of them, as the name implies; night clock is just a normal casual clock that will be displayed on the edge screen at night time. The display is illuminated so that the time can be clearly visible. This little trick might come handy for the people who don’t have bedside clock.

Pin Five Contacts to Edge Screen

Users of Galaxy S6 edge can pin maximum of five contacts to edge screen, a simple tap on edge will display the contact details along with options to message, call, email directly. Once you are done choosing the five contacts, there are total eight colours out of which each contact gets a colour. In case you have missed a call from any of those five contacts, you will be able to see a notification tab in the assigned colour. Impressive feature and pretty good implementation that will be of great use. This type of feature isn’t available in Galaxy S6.

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Information Stream

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Information stream feature was first seen on Galaxy Note Edge smartphone. This feature allows you to choose news feed from the available list and will be displayed alongside with the edge screen, which is selected as the primary side. Information stream will work without disturbing the actual screen. News feed includes twitter tweets, Yahoo sports, weather, news and there are a variety of feeds available online via Samsung store that can be downloaded and applied.

Edge Lighting

People don’t place their smartphone upside down and that doesn’t make any sense. Samsung has included a feature that makes users do so. Edge lighting is the feature that isn’t just impressive, but also a best feature of S6 Edge. If you have placed the device upside down, the active edge screen starts glowing if someone is calling or texting you. If it’s from one of the five pinned contacts, the Edge display glows in assigned colour. This type of feature goes missing in Galaxy S6 as it doesn’t have any edge.

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