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5 Things Every Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge owners should Do

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the world’s most beautifully designed Android smartphone, the device comes with a dual edge screen that is a delight to look at. Samsung has done the pretty good job with S6 Edge, be it the display, the processor, and camera, everything looks so great on paper and in reality. If you are an S6 Edge user, here are some of the things you need to do before you proceed using the S6 Edge.

Edge Screen Setup

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - First Impressions (4)

Edge screen is not just for the show; it illuminates a certain colour on the edge of screen based on who’s calling or texting you. This is one such feature that makes the S6 Edge experience amazing. To setup this functionality; head to system settings and select edge screen and turn on the edge screen lighting option. But there’s a catch, you can just set a maximum of five contacts to edge screen. Which device lets you choose and assign a colour to each contact and the same will be displayed on the edge screen. Once you’ve done the required settings, the edge display starts to glow whenever you receive any notification. All these settings will be available under edge screen menu in system settings.

Quick Replies

Samsung’s heart rate sensor was just an app that used to measure your pulse and heart rate. Well, this time Samsung has intended to add some extra functionality to it. The heart rate sensor will now send quick replies when you get a call from the five contacts pinned to edge screen, and you don’t want to take the call. Then, just touch the heart rate sensor for two seconds, the call gets rejected automatically and sends a customized message (that has to be set by you). Let the caller know that you are not able to answer. To setup this, go to system settings then to edge settings and turn on the Quick Reply option. Samsung has made good use of the heart rate sensor.

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Information Stream

The edge screen can also be used to display news feed, Twitter updates, weather, news, etc., which we have seen on Galaxy Note Edge smartphone. The setup of the news feed is simple, open edge settings from system default settings menu and tap the “Information stream” option to display the news feed. You can use “manage feed” setting to get more feeds from online, which will be displayed in the list automatically once downloaded. Unfortunately, Facebook feeds aren’t available, and you are left with Twitter trends, yahoo news, sports, weather, etc. But still a better way to utilise the edge screen functionality.

Select A Default Primary Side

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - First Impressions (18)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is world’s first dual edge screen smartphone. Having said that, only one side of the edge screen can be used as primary side. Every person taste and comfort zone differ, if you don’t like the edge display on your left side you can always shift it to the right. Head to system settings and choose edge screen option from there select edge screen position and set it according to your liking. Though, it is sad that we can’t use both the edge screens at a same time, but that’s how it works on S6 Edge.

Night clock on Edge Screen

Night clock on edge screen is a good point; you don’t need to turn ON display to know the exact time. Thanks to Super AMOLED display, the clock is illuminated at night and doesn’t eat up the battery. To enable the night clock, open system settings, and then, edge screen settings, now tap on the night clock and choose desired design and style to display a clock.

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