Increase your Android Phone Battery Life using Battery Booster App

Increase Android mobile phone battery with Battery Booster appAndroid Smartphone can be said to be a replacement for PC’s and Laptops with the specifications of mobile phones and the various tablet devices coming into the market in large numbers.

With increase in screen sizes and the resolutions going to their best and the phones are becoming slimmer and slimmer decreasing the size of batteries. So It is important that the battery is maintained to give the users a better experience. With limitations like this we can never be satisfied with the battery life given by the companies. This is where an App like “Battery Booster” comes into consideration..features being introduced on a daily basis into the market, it has become essential for the users to keep a track about the battery usage and it is restricting the complete usage of all the features at offer.

Battery Booster app functions as a background check on your Android Smartphone by making sure that any app or any function is not on without being used as most of the time we keep forgetting to switch off settings even after using them:

Battery Booster disables the following functions when not in use:

  • Bluetooth
  • Live wallpaper
  • Wifi
  • 3G and 4G
  • Screen Brightness
  • Network Services

Battery Booster has a unique feature of showing the list of Apps which has used up the most battery and this will be really helpful in deciding whether to keep the app of discard it for increasing your battery performance. This is a very unique feature which we always ignore and this can help in increasing your battery life considerably.

By disabling the following features in time the battery life will be increased by 15-30% is what the App confirms.

How to install “Battery  Booster”  Application on your Android Device:

  1.  Battery Booster is a free app which can be downloaded and installed directly from “Google Play”.
  2. Go to Google Play Android Apps –
  3. Type the respective “App name” “Battery Booster” in the Search bar which can be seen directly on the right of the Google Play logo.
  4. You can see a list of Apps which are similar to the App name which we have entered in the search but the app which you should be installing is the first search result.
  5. Go to – Battery Booster
  6. After the App page opens we can see the logo under which there is a “Install” button.
  7. After the app is downloaded is gets installed automatically and an icon can be seen in your icons list.
  8. Click on the icon which launches the app and you can use the features directly

After you activate the app the battery saver option should be activated to (ON) which will automatically take care of all the features of the app mentioned.

Battery Booster app will also show you the Battery Level, Battery Voltage and Battery Temperature helping us to keep a track of our battery performance by clicking on the “See Battery Usage Stats” button in the page which will lead you to the Settings page in your device and to the Battery Option and show you the various apps consuming battery.

As you can see the battery icon in the App shows an orange color as it is Off and to switch it on all you need to do is Click on the Battery Icon which will activate the App.

Increase your android battery life with battery saver app

If you want to manually manage and force stop the various apps consuming your battery you can do that by clicking on the “See Battery Usage Stats” icon in the app which will lead you to Setting -> Battery and you can see the various apps and by clicking on the particular app as i am showing you with Angry birds.

Click on App info at the bottom right, now you can see options like Force stop and Un install, Clear data and Clear Cache. Click on “Force Stop” to stop the application from running in the background.

Force stop app using battery saver to save your android battery life

Battery Booster is a really user friendly app without any complicated options to select from or many steps to activate it. It takes just on click to activate the app and save our battery life.

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