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Best Apps to Track Hurricane Irene from Android Mobiles

Hurricane Irene has been approaching the USA and a lot of commotion has indeed been happening in and around the eastern coast of the United States. While we are continuously looking at our TV News ticker, Facebook and Twitter or calling up friends on the move to keep ourselves updated about this, there are some Android Apps which help you track the same too! Yep, apps on your android smartphone which can help you track about the Hurricane Irene.

Hurricane Hound is a free app in the Android Apps Labs and you can download it here.

Hurricane Hound Android App

There is also a paid version of the same app which provides the same functionality but removes the ads from it. The app collects data from the US satellite and radar data and has the latest movements about the hurricanes and updates placed over a Google Maps layout, making it easy to navigate and move around. The American National Weather Service website has also been linked to inside the app and it allows you view official advisories and warnings of tropical development. Just like layers on Google Maps, the app comes with 3 layers too: Storm, Radar and Satellite.

Hurricane Software is yet another nice app which is available for free in the Android Apps Labs , you can download it here

Hurricane Software App

Hurricane Software shows you hurricane coordinates using official satellite information, storm tracks, and issued warning information. The app keeps you updated with Hurricane Irene, and you can also check all of the latest warnings and damage reports, it works based on the American weather servers and provides live information.

SeaStorm comes with a lot more options but is a paid app and costs 1.99 and is available for download here

SeaStorm Android App

There are a lot of options on this one but it comes with a small price tag, 1.99. It’s totally worth the money if you would ask us and it also integrates discussions with the National Hurricane Centre, allowing you to talk with your friends and others across the country and discuss about the Hurricane, its happenings and the probable ones which might be upcoming. Helps you stay connected real time, on the move. The User Interface is well polished and offers pinch to zoom features on the map, and comes with Push Notifications. The whole experience makes it totally worth the money you’re paying for, and there’s social networking integration too. So, with push notifications, Hurricane Centre discussions and social network sharing capabilities, you aren’t going to miss out anything about the Hurricane at all!

While we had a quick look at three of the Apps on the Android market which make the Hurricane tracking and following experience much easier, do make sure to check out them and go for the purchase of SeaStorm if you are an active follower about the Irene Hurricane.

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