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Swype beta for Android updated – Download version 5

Swype team has developed its beta version to release the 5th version of the Swype beta for Android, so the beta users who have been using this feature already can right away update to the latest version. The upgrade includes some new additions that were requested and a few bugs were fixed.
Here are a few changes –

swype keys

Double-tap-to-edit function comes in – If you have entered a wrong word, and want to change it, just tap twice on the word and a word window opens with the choices to select from, and the cursor goes back to where it was before.

Voice-to-text button too comes in, only for those phones which have the Google voice pre-integrated in the ROM.
Here is a list of other major and minor changes in this version of Skype Beta –

  • Resolved an accuracy issue that was introduced in the last Beta update. New software features supporting additional languages were included in the beta before the test plan for those features was complete (it is a beta after all). Subsequent testing identified the accuracy issue and corrections made. These new tests have been incorporated into our regression testing to prevent future accuracy issues.
  • Added Double-Tap-to-Edit and Cursor Restore
  • Added microphone button (QWERTY only. Requires Google Voice Search be pre-integrated in your phone’s ROM)
  • Added French & EXPERIMENTAL Chinese Pinyin languages
  • Modified new word priority defaults. The word-choice-window will now be ordered more intelligently when encountering custom dictionary words
  • Fixed a bug where an extra space would be added when replacing a word by Swyping after opening the word choice window
  • Improved the “Hidden-Word” dialog handling so it doesn’t show up as often (more improvements to this next time)
  • Improved prediction when handling various path collisions
  • Lots of minor bug fixes

The swype users can immediately update and use the updated version of Skype Beta by pointing their android browser to –


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