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How to Capture Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S5 (2 Methods)

We had done the explanation with the earlier flagship devices for the most simple techniques, and the same cannot be missed out for the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has more than the simple ways to get things done. For example, if you wanted to capture a screenshot on the Galaxy S5, there is more than one way for it, and it depends on how you wanted to do it.

For those who have earlier used any Samsung Galaxy phone, it won’t be any different for them as its the same physical keys to be used if you wanted to capture a screenshot on the S5 too, but if you are bored or have a situation where the pressing of buttons cannot be done, there is another way to capture the screenshot.

For the other flagships:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot Physical Keys

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot with Physical keys: The keys you need to press here, are the power key along with the home key, both at the same time to take the screenshot. This would become easier when you have both the hands free because the buttons aren’t that close for a single hand to press them together.

  • You just need to be ready on the particular page you wanted to capture
  • Press the home and power buttons together
  • You will hear the camera click sound and in a couple of seconds, there would be a message on the screen saying “Copied to clipboard”
  • In the notification panel, there would be a message saying “Screenshot captured” with the preview of the screenshot, and direct options for the users to edit, delete or share the screenshot

This way of capturing the screenshot is the default one which is seen in most of the Android ICS and later devices, and the physical key combination changes based on the brand.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot with Swipe Gesture: For those who wanted something different from the physical key combination for the screenshot, here’s a way. This is one of the gestures which the phone has in its list, and a swipe of your palm on the screen would capture the screen for you.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screenshot Swipe Gesture

To set this up, you need to go Settings > Motion > Motions and Gestures > Palm swipe to capture

Galaxy S5 Screenshot Gesture

Going into that section, you can toggle it on / off. You just have to swipe from one corner of the screen to the other, irrespective of the side. You need to make sure that the entire side (with the little finger facing the screen) is touching the screen before you swipe it.

The captured screenshot take a place in the File System under the Pictures folder, and in the Gallery, there is a separate folder created for the Screenshots.

These are pretty easy ways for capturing the screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the physical method might be very well known to most of the users, but it does come handy to those who are shifting from some other smartphone to the Galaxy S5.

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