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Cheapcast App Streams from any Android Phone / Tablet without Chromecast

Chromecast from Google came in as one of the easiest and best streaming dongles, but for that you would have to pay and purchase the dongle and carry it along. But right now, there’s an app called Cheapcast that is available through Play Store, which tries to emulate the Chromecast dongle, and make the device work like a target for the applications which are enabled with Chromecast, and the apps include Youtube, Google Music etc.

There’s nothing to take away from, or criticize about the Chromecast because it does the job pretty well but there are several users who could not find a good reason to spend money on purchasing the dongle, and many who missed out on buying it and the dongle got sold off. For them, the Cheapcast app can do a similar job without asking them for a penny.

Cheapcast Enabled Cheapcast Settings

For the Cheapcast to stream the content, both the sender and receiver device has to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and if at all the receiver is a small screen device, you could connect it to either a TV or large screen monitor through the HDMI port and get the streaming done.

Do bear with the errors if you find them while trying the app, because right now it is still in the early Beta version, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying out the app. Once you install the Cheapcast app on both the devices, you need to enable it and then, on the Sender’s device, open Youtube and you would see a message saying that you need to click on the “Icon” to stream the content. While playing the video, you can select the icon and then select the device on which you wanted to stream this one.

The Cheapcast app would show only the devices which are having the Cheapcast enabled, and are located on the same WiFi network.

CheapCast select device CheapCast Youtube

It could be the TV, tablet device or another smartphone which can install the Cheapcast and act as a receiver. And as said above, you can just take another smartphone and connect it to the TV using an HDMI port and make the streaming even better, sending the content to the larger screen.

Download Cheapcast App: Play Store Link

* For the Chromecast owners, you may look out for the Mycast App which is still in the process of development, and which could enhance the functionality of the Chromecast, assisting in playing the videos from the cloud and local storage.

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