Check Root Access of Android Mobiles & BusyBox Installation

Root CheckerRooting in Android is like Jail breaking for Apple iOS. Through Rooting you would be able to gain the privileged access to the system files and other devices running on Android OS. US Copyright has made officially legal to root a device and run unauthorized third party applications.

For certain Android mobile phone owners it’s hard for them to know rooting and find whether there phone is rooted or not?

Root Checker for Android

How would you know that your mobile phone has root access or not? The Root Checker app will allow users to confirm whether they have the proper root access or not. Along with that it will also check whether BusyBox in installed on your mobile phone or not.

Using this app is pretty simple. Just download the app for Android Apps Labs, install it and you are ready to know whether your mobile has root access? As soon as you launch the app, you have the options of advanced mode and basic mode. Through the basic mode you get the answer in terms of yes or no but the advanced mode provides guide to troubleshoot root or BusyBox issues. Its displays the system, defined path, superuser.apk installation and version, adb shell default mode and other file permissions with root uid/ gid results.

This app also provides the rooting guide to more than 30 devices and still many more would be added. Here is how you would use this app on your mobile phone –

    • Once you have installed this app, launch the app and the interface would look like –
      Root Checker
    • As you see, it would automatically display by mobile make and model number, I would now go with basic setting to check root access on my mobile
      Root Checker
    • And here are the results
      Root Checker

Root Checker Download

For quick users who just want to skip reading the above description and features, they can directly download the Root Checker app on their Android mobile phone by downloading it from Android Apps Labs. This app is completely free to install.



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