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Cisco Cius Android Tablet announced in India at Rs 35000

Cisco CiusThe Indian tablet market is flooded with tablets from various companies like Apple, Samsung, RIM, Dell and other companies. The competition grew much stronger with Indian manufacturers too started selling cheap tablets like Spice Mi 720, Beetel Magiq 3G, Reliance 3G Tab and cheaper one being from LACS & Fujezone. You can get tablet starting from Rs 6,000 in India now. We have seen new tablets launched everyday or second and almost all the tablets are mostly for individual use or official use. Cisco has expressed concerns on security of corporate data with those devices. Explaining that there is not much security with the tablets present in the market, they have come up with their own version of tablet.

Cisco Cius Android Tablet

Cisco the networking solution provider jumps into PC tablet competition by launching the Cius tablet in India. With this tablet launched in India the Cisco is targeting enterprises with this. The Cisco Cius is a 7 inches touchscreen tablet and it’s powered with Intel Atom processor with 1 GB of RAM and it would be running on Android 2.2 Froyo. Just like the other tablets it comes with camera on both front and the rear side with 5 mega pixel clarity. The tablet also supports 3G /4 G for data connections and maybe for video calls. To get data you can also make use of Wi-Fi as the added feature. It includes card slot to expand your memory to 32 GB in size.

Cisco Cius tablet Cisco Cius tablet Cisco Cius tablet

The device comes with preinstalled apps like web conferencing, Cisco Jabber IM, email app, calendar to help colleagues to stay in touch with each other. Explaining more about the Cisco Cius, it’s not just another tablet, its more like a device helping in productivity. The Cius will have access to Cisco AppHQ and Android Marketplace to install applications which are visible to the normal users and apps for Cisco AppHQ would be visible to the proud owners of Cisco Cius.

The Cisco Cius would be available at about Rs 35,000 in India and the price may go up till Rs 50,000 as that will include docking station. The company is in talked with the telecom providers for IP telephony services to include IPTV and other services and the prices for that may go up till Rs 70,000 as well.



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