Citibank Mobile Banking App for Android Review, Problems & Features

Citibank being the largest foreign direct investor in financial services in India has launched its mobile app with a name of “Citibank IN” which can be downloaded from the Google play and App store by Android and Apple users respectively (size under 2 MB for the latest 4.0 Version). The app has been launched with an aim to simplify the banking process by bringing it to the mobile platform which is reflected in the caption of the app “Banking anytime, anywhere”.  A Citi mobile app can also be requested by messaging MBANK to 52484.

citibank application

Just install the mobile application and login by inputting your User ID and Internet Password (IPIN). The User ID and PIN can be requested online in the Citi bank portal if not already held. One is assumed to complete few authentication checks to complete the online security checks and receive the credentials for a login through the mobile channel.

By using a Citi Mobile app one can perform most of the activities which would otherwise require going to the bank. Features like making Fund Transfers, Viewing account details along with the recent transactions, making payments to Utility bills and Credit Card bills, Managing and making request on various features like linking accounts, ordering a fresh cheque book, requests for additional card holders.

citibank app for android

The security features provided with the mobile app are of top notch as none of the sensitive data can be extracted in case of the loss of the mobile phone as none of the details are stored on the phone or on the SIM card.

Additional features like Instant pay which permits you to do IMPS transactions via SMS to beneficiaries already registered on Citibank Online and Instant Assist which allows you to enquire about transactions via SMA i.e. in simple words a Customer support for transactional queries is available round the clock through the phone SMS channel.

citibank app for android1

Issues frequently faced/reported with the application:

  1. Service downtime issues with the Error messages like “Unable to process your request”.
  2. Though it is stated that the app is compatible on all devices, the performance of it in Tabs is peachy.
  3. The application ask for grants of permission for unrelated things to banking like Camera, Contact details, ability to control SMS sending, Networking permissions.

If you are a Citibank customer, you should download this mobile banking app from the Play Store: Link



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