PAYE Tax Calculator Android App on Google Play Store for Tax Payments – Details, Download link

PAYE Tax Calculator is an app on the Google Play Store, mainly made for all the Tax payers and that lets you to pay them. This PAYE application will automatically calculate the amount of income Tax, National Insurance Tax, Student Loan and Pension that you should pay for the salary that you get. This app also supports for SMART (Salary Sacrifice), Employer and Private Pensions. More over this app is free to download and requires Android 2.2 and more.

Once you install the app from the Google Play, tap on the icon to open it and you will get the options like Tax Year, where you have to select the year for which you are calculating the tax, then you have to enter the Gross Salary that you get and the Salary that is paid for you on a yearly basis or monthly, for every 2 weeks, weekly, daily or even hourly. After these things are filled, you have some Advance options where you will find many options like Blind, where you need to tick it to include the blind allowance.

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The next option found is Married, and later followed by the options like NIC Exempt, Student loan (you have to select the student loan type by tapping the option), other Deductions, Age and Tax Code. Later you can find the Pension options where you have to select the Pension Type, Pension amount and pounds per Percent. You also have the option of entering the details of the child care Vouchers, like the Voucher Amount and the frequency of the amount that you receive. You have to also mention the number of days that you work in a week and the number of hours also.

After all there are done now the app shows you all the details about the Gross Salary and the total deductions that you get and even the Net Wage is also displayed. If you want to get a detailed Summary of them, just tap the option Detailed Summary where you will be getting all the details about the taxes you have to pay. This is a simple method to calculate all your taxes and more over this app is easy to use.

The Size of the app is 174 KB and is compatible with Android devices running on Android 2.2 or more and also free to download. So what are you thinking? Just head to the Google Play Store and download the app where it has got a rating of 4.4 stars.

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