Best Ways to Keep Daily Notes & Tasks Organised – To Do List App for Android App WidgetWhen you have loads of stuff to do on daily basis, then it is better you note each of the task some where so that it becomes easier to track and you don’t lose the track. There are at times when you forget a few important things while doing the others, so keeping all of the pending tasks noted down is an easier and better option, and that is where we mention as one of the best in this category (although Google Keep is a good alternative). does the job simpler and better, and you don’t have to hit your head hard to understand what all the app does. App – How well can this organize your tasks?

There are several widget options available with and these widgets can be re-sized, and making it cover one of the home screens would make it a very productive one, with a big list of pending tasks shown on the same screen.

Another good advantage under the same, is that you get to see the tasks under categories like “Personal” and “Work” so that you can prioritize them and sort out which one’s to be done first. App Task App Future Task App Task Note

The app would organize the tasks based on the time, i.e. today, tomorrow, upcoming and someday (where you write your wishes). It is your wish to choose between this view and the Folder view where it gets divided into Personal and Work. Of course this doesn’t come with any Calendar, so the app would ask you to download it’s own Cal app from the Play Store. For each of the task, there are a few options when you click on it –

  • Set priority
  • Do a Google Search
  • Alert (where the app sets a reminder for a particular date and time)
  • Notes (add any notes to that particular task to explain it)
  • Share (here it would give you the option to share the task with the contacts through Android Beam, useful especially for employees in the same office) App Tasks App Menu App Task Options

The task does motivate you, by saying Well Done when you have no tasks pending for today, or would let you know of the pending ones in the Notification panel. There is an option of the voice input where the Google Voice recognizer would do a pretty decent job in recognizing and converting that to text. App Notification Panel App Task Categories App Voice Input

The settings section has some features such as shaking, and you get to choose between the Black and White themes, and there are options to toggle for the Status bar, Post Meeting, Missed call etc. Worried of losing the data if you accidentally swiped and deleted the tasks? there’s an option to backup in the settings, which would save all your current pending tasks and you can restore that any time.

The other good thing about the app is the big number of languages in which it would work, and there is no limitation for the Voice to text, because that is being done with the Google Voice, thus you can talk in your own language and that too gets saved.

Syncing of the app with the desktop is possible with only the Chrome browser, where an extension is available for the user to install and check out these tasks on their computer. App Settings App Languages App Email Sync

So overall this is a brilliant app, and we would suggest especially the new Android users to have this app in the device if you wanted a work organizer or task scheduler for your Android phone.

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