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You might have heard about scheduling meetings or for say scheduling tasks, but now with an android app, you can even schedule a call. Many times we tend to schedule a reminder for calling a person, but now with the help of Call Planner Android app, you can schedule a phone call or even create a list of calls which needs to be handled over a period of time. Just like your to-do list, you can create a list of people which reminds you about the same in terms of a notification of which the screen capture s mentioned below.

Callplanner2 CallPlanner3 CallPlanner1

Features of Call Planner:

This application comes with an in built call planner with one of the simple user interfaces which lets user to schedule a call with many suggestions and parameters. Call Planner app requires internet permissions and also may use the location based settings if you wish to plan / schedule a call based on location based service (LBS).

  • Call Planner comes with the below mentioned features;
  • Schedule calls by Location / Time,
  • To-Do calls with priority sorting,
  • Automated creation of planner call for contacts for birthdays or for any specific day,
  • Monitoring missed calls to convert the same into to-do action item,
  • history of calls (both voice calls finished through the application and all calls in the device)

With so many features and innovative app, am sure you can’t stop yourself from using this. So with the help of below mentioned APK link, you can download the same in your device for using the same. This app supports virtually all the devices which are above ICS Android 4.0. Alternatively, Call planner app can also be downloaded from Google PLAY Store.

Download Call Planner Android App APK

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