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Amazon Android Tablet – Will it Beat Google or iPad?

Few months back we told you guys that Amazon soon will be launching an Android Tablet after the huge success of their market place where they offered paid games like Angry Birds for free. The recent news is that Amazon has ordered a large number of tablets through some Asian Manufacturer which is later going to be offered for sale by October.

Now the major questions is that will this tablet survive? Because Amazon has always been into the ebooks market along with their Kindle series and if their new tablet is priced at around $299 price range then it can for sure be a big hit along with being a threat to Apple iPad and all the currently sold Google Tablets in the market. Again at this price range you cannot expect some great hardware specifications and if Amazon starts selling these tablets at around $499 price range then consumers would tend to go towards Apple iPad and not to these new entrants.

Amazon Android Tablet

One option would be that Amazon would sell their tablets at huge loss initially to get a decent market share and then start earning back from the apps sold through their market place, but this strategy would be hard to survive when we talk about millions of units planned to be sold. Along with this if it’s priced at par with the iPad or current android tablets then who would be interested in buying these when the apps offered are exactly the same as offered in Andypad, Asus Padfone, Galaxy Tab, HCL ME, Sony Android Tablets etc

The Tablet would be in 9″ or 10.1 ” screen size options without a camera which gives us a hint that you should be expecting a lower priced tablet. The whole team is expecting to sell this device with their large consumer base easily but it seems like it would be pretty hard because of the huge competition in the market as of now. May be Amazon is more towards beating Nook Color and not behind iPad because beating the Apple product would be real hard considering its being in the market from years. Along with this the product planned to be sold without camera would be one of the biggest reason for it to fail because even if users won’t use that camera heavily they still would expect the same for video calling or capturing snaps once in a while.

Overall would you be interested in buying a tablet from Amazon when there are many other options available in the market or would you just keep the product in your wish list so that someone would gift it to your on your birthday?

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