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How to use Android device as YouTube video remote

android youtube logoAdding to the lists of favorites Android has now come up with another essentially powerful application called “You Tube Remote App” with which you can easily control the You Tube videos playback with functions like forward, rewind, pause, play, volume and can also play the queued next or previous video. Basically what this application does is it just creates a virtual connection pair between the You Tube Lean back and your Android device. This application is available in the Android Market place; all you will need to do is to just search “You Tube Remote” in the Android Market place.

To get started, first you will need to have Google account, now go to lean back while logged in to your You Tube account from your computer.

  • Now, login to the You Tube Remote application from your Android device and search for your favorite videos or just swipe through left/right to go through the given preset channels.
  • Now, click on the video to watch on your Internet enabled viewing device like on your Computer or even Google TV and now controls will appear on your Android device so that you can enjoy controlling various functions like forward, rewind, pause, play, volume and can also play the queued next or previous video.
  • Since the You Tube remote application also comes up with the standard mini browser in the portrait mode, you can also preview the videos on your Android device be it mobile or tablet before pushing the videos on the big screen.

YT Remote Screenshot

With huge potential of this Application, am sure that this application will be finding fair amount of lovers because of its simplicity and ease of use. The only two things which you will be wanting are this application and a Google account plus obvious Android device with Google Account.

Now this application is released in Beta mode but soon after incorporating all the feed backs received, the application will be further fine-tuned according to the needs and requirements. The only sad part about this application is that this application is currently only available in US but company promised that it will be soon launched in other parts of the World as well.

scan to download

This application is easily available to download from Google’s Android Market place or you can also scan the QR code here for instant download of this application as shown above. So now, you have got the power of controlling You Tube videos at the comfort on your desktop or even on your Google TV.

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