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How to update Google TV Logitech Revue with Android Honeycomb 3.1 Firmware version

Google TV LogoHave a Logitech’s Google TV Revue with you? Then we are here to tell you in the due course of the article on how you can update with the latest version of Honeycomb 3.1. With the recent reports of new Logitech Revue companion boxes are being shipped with the honeycomb 3.1 version of firmware, you no longer will have to feel unlucky as we will guide you for updating with the same. Though Google has announced that it will be pushing an OTA update for Google TV in the form of Honeycomb 3.1 which is a very feature rich update which comes with the power of the Android Market Place which has over 3 Lakh applications, it has not given any particular date on by when it will be pushing the update.

So, with a simple procedure which we will be seeing over a period of this article we will see on how to update Google TV with Honeycomb 3.1 release. Please note that this is not the actual update release which is released by the Logitech or Google, it’s just the beta release which got leaked from the house of Google, official though. You can also refer to the Google TV Honeycomb 3.1 screen shots from here.

Procedure to update Google TV Logitech Revue with Honeycomb 3.1:

  • First up you need to download the Honeycomb 3.1 update Zip file in your computer and then copy the same as it is without modifying or renaming the file to your USB drive which is of the format FAT 32. Ensure that you have placed this file in the root of your USB Drive which is in the path of (/mnt/usb/ or say in the path of E:\ so that you can easily find the same in the recovery mode.
  • Now, all you need to do is to just plug this USB loaded with the file into any one of the USB Ports located in the Logitech’s Google TV Revue Box. Once you plug the USB drive into the Google Revue box you will now need to hold the connect button which will be there at the back of the Google Revue box. Once its pressed you will see the Revue Logo and then box will be rebooting on its own. Now you will have to press the FN key which is the function key and also the left arrow after which the recovery menu will be coming up on your TV Screen which is nothing but the recovery mode.
  • Now, when the Google TV Logo will show up on your tv screen after which you need to press the FN key and the Left arrow. Pressing this will take you to the recovery menu.
  • Now, all you need to select is the “Apply update from sdcard:/”.
  • Now, after this the Google Revue will be verifying the Signature of the package which is there in the FAT 32 USB drive and then the installation will take place with a boot loader along with the recovery image.
  • Now, the Logitech Revue will verify the update and will reboot which is the normal procedure. Please note that the booting might take longer time than expected and at this point of time don’t interrupt the process of the firmware update as this may even brick the device.
  • Now, once the device boots up, you will have to proceed to setup the Google TV from the scratch which will include all the settings right from the pairing of the remote to the setting up of the connection settings.
  • Please note that sometimes you may experience issues like Force close errors, just let the app force close and then re open the same.

So, in this way you have easily updated your Google TV Logitech Revue with the latest Android version of Honeycomb 3.1 version which also brings in the Android Market Place. Do let us know in the comments section on how this all new update has fared for you. Just in case if you face any issues then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below so that we will ensure that all your issues are sorted out at the earliest.



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