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Fix Galaxy Tab Won’t Boot after Charging Error & 3.1 Update

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At Android Advices, we too sometimes face issues with the gadgets and probably all the major issues feels like a “NIGHTMARE” trust me. What if I tell you that the device got almost “Bricked Like” experience even before updating or flashing firmware? Strange, isn’t it? But its true as we faced it personally.

Surprisingly, we charged our Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 tab to 100% and was in the switched Off condition, we removed the charger and tried turning ON the device and guess what, it refused to turn ON where all it started.

So, what should at this time one can do? As the worst part is that you can’t even Pull out the battery as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 doesn’t have the user replaceable battery facility. If you too are having this issue then NOT TO WORRY as we are here with the solution as we too did the same to overcome it.

To get out of this situation, you will have to first plug your Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (10.1) to the charger and ensure that the Charger is turned ON.

After this you need to press the Power ON button and while pressing the Power Button you need to move your hands  on the screen for a period of 15 seconds and there you go, the device will be successfully turned ON.

Do, let us know in the comments section below just in case if you face any issues as we will try our level best to help you out in such situations.



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