Get Free 5GB Storage via Dropbox Accounts – Only HTC Mobiles

HTC with DropboxDropbox is growing, growing and growing. Here comes good news from HTC which will make HTC mobile phone users proud. HTC has partnered up with #1 in online cloud storage giant Dropbox.

All the HTC Android mobile phones which will be manufactured from now will come with pre-installed 5 GB of Dropbox storage on cloud to all the users for lifetime apart from the normal free space of 2 GB for every Dropbox user. This news from HTC comes after they first tried with free storage of 3 GB to all the new phones which are HTC Sense 3.5 & above. Also apart from that HTC users can go and visit website where they need to automatically backup  SMS, call history, contacts, data and customizations.

I think HTC has now clearly understood that there is no end to giving priority to add more features and upgrading the existing features to their phone. This looks like a smart strategy because online cloud storage is everyone needs and only few know that integration of Dropbox with Android is real possible.

There is no news from the HTC team about the existing users will enjoy this advantage or not. But I think there is nothing to disappoint because you will get 2 GB free if you sign up with Dropbox and the limit can be increased by referring more users to with your referral ID. Note that 8 GB of data can be added with any of the free Dropbox ID and other limitations may apply.

Signup now with this special link and get 2 GB + 250 MB for free.

Do you think this promotion from HTC will make you buy a HTC Phone?



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