How to Increase Motorola Defy Battery Life

Motorola Defy LogoSo, for all those who have got hold of Motorola Defy Android smart phone you will be glad to know that with the detailed and interactive guide you can easily improve and optimize your battery life. As Motorola Defy comes with the capability to run simultaneous applications at a single time , its very important to save the battery life so that you can extend the battery life and can make use of your Defy for more time.

From Playing games, running applications, and surfing the Web increase the power use of the computer-like functions of the DEFY Calling and texting utilize its phone functions eats up lot of battery which needs to be optimized. If you have just or recently bought the Defy phone, you might encounter with the problem that the hours of charging is more than the expected as that’s because since the battery is new and it takes bit of a few charge cycles to reach the optimum performance and also most importantly always ensure that you use original batteries and also use only original charger which is shipped with the device and no other chargers as this may spoil the battery in the long run and also other chargers might take a longer period of time to charge.

Mototola Defy

Make use of Battery Manager:

With Battery manager in place for the Motorola Defy, it’s very important to make use of it, so let’s check out how you can configure the same by a simple step by step procedure which is mentioned below,

  • For accessing the battery manager, first up you will have to go to your phone’s home screen and then you need to press the “Menu” key and need to tap on the “Settings” after which you will have to tap on the “Battery manager”.
  • Now, as soon as you open the Battery Manager, you will find that there are three ready options which are “Performance Mode”, “Smart Mode” and the “Battery Saver Mode”.

Performance Mode – In performance mode, basically the features like data time out as well as the auto brightness functions are turned off. Please note that if you haven’t changed the settings before, then this remains the default option for the battery management.

Smart Mode – In the smart mode the parameters like the data timeout as well as the auto brightness are kept ON with the variable settings and also the users can change the settings by selecting the choice parameters as shown in the schematic view below.

Battery Saver Mode – In the battery saver mode, this one saves the battery to the maximum and which optimizes the battery in such a way that it will maximize the battery performance by reducing the battery use. You can also choose to change the default brightness which is set in this mode by default.

Motorola Defy Battery Manager

It has been  a general tendency that most of the Motorola phones tend to lose the battery charge very fast, so what you can do is you need to follow or incorporate some of the important, basic yet simple things so that you will be able to save the much needed battery life for your phone.

Use Apps wisely:

There are many apps which drain the battery sooner than expected as all the applications are automatically tend to use the Sync mode which eats up the battery continuously as it refreshes continuously to fetch the content. So, make sure that you set up all your apps for manual sync and not the automatic sync unless and until it is very important. What you can do is you can set the mails to auto sync and all other apps as the manual sync like social application. Also, remember to close all unwanted apps or else the battery usage will be maximum which will in turn result in higher battery drain. Also, make sure that multimedia functionalities like the battery and the music player along with the camera too is wisely used as these too constitute the biggest battery drainers. Never use any application task killers as this itself drains lots of battery, preferably use the application killers which are by default can be controlled by the default task killers.

Turn off the biggest battery drainers

After apps, the biggest battery drainers are constituted by GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Wi Fi and also the 3G, so always make sure that you use all these functionalities very wisely. From the path, HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks you can easily manage the important settings from here.

Wall Papers:

We all like to set the wall papers which are visually rich and are very amazing but the fact is that with the use of vivid colours and the moving wallpapers the battery tends to drain at regular intervals which in turn results in the battery drain . With the use of lighter wallpapers phone tends to use higher battery life as to make it visible it needs to burn higher pixels which need to be made to glow while the darker screens tends to not to burn the pixels which in turn saves the battery life. So, always use darker wall papers preferably black. By using darker wallpapers you can save on the battery life by a fair amount of percentage which can be as high as 7% on your Motorola Defy.

So, just by following the above tips for the battery saving, you can easily save the battery life by a fair amount of percentage and also more importantly you can easily increase the battery performance in the long run. To unlock the potential for your Motorola Defy you can also make use of Rooting with which yo can unlock the potential for your device.



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