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How To Update HTC Incredible to latest Cyanogen Mod 7

HTC INCREDIBLE LogoIncredible! Is what you will say after installing the latest Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM on your HTC Incredible. With a stable release finally which was released few days back is now fast catching up with the Incredible users as its one of the most simplest as well as the most stable ROM from the table of Cyanogen and is dubbed as Cyanogen Mod 7. The best part of this version is that it comes with some of the similarities of the Gingerbread built and also this version of ROM update comes along with the better battery life so that you can save on the battery power and which will increase the battery life.

As we will be checking out on how you can easily install the new Cyanogen Mod ROM, you will have to ensure that you have created a backup of all the applications with the help of Astro File Manager and also other parameters like Contacts, Messages, Call log, Images and other multimedia files as in the ROM upgradation process you will lose all the data. Or alternatively what you can do is to just move all the data in your SD Card as it’s very unlikely that your SD card is formatted in the due course of the upgradation process. But it’s recommended to create a back-up in your computer or other cloud based services.

Before proceeding to the upgradation process, you will have to install the ClockworkMod recovery by following the simple procedure below, but before that you will have to root your HTC Incredible which can be done from the unrevoked website. Please note that before proceeding that rooting the device leads to voiding of the warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

Procedure to Root the HTC Incredible:

  • First up you will have to go to the unrevoked website and need to select the HTC Incredible device and then if you are on the Windows based operating system then you will have to install the HBoot drivers on your computer.
  • After this you will have to connect the HTC Incredible device to the computer with the help of USB cable and then need to run the unrevoked software, the installation process will take some time and as soon as the installation process is done, the phone will boot into the Clock Work Mod Recovery.
  • So, after the recovery you will have the SU access and also the clock work mod recovery will be installed in the place of stock recovery mode.

Note that if your device is locked then too by using this revoked method you can easily unlock your device. Please note that rooting the device will void the warranty, though unrooting the device will bring back the warranty.

Flashing Radio:
First up you will have to ensure that your device has S Off, please note that updating the radio is only required if there is any newer or different radio is required. Please note that you flash the radio with a non-corrupt file or else flashing with the corrupt file can lead to the bricking of the device. So, it’s very important that you flash the radio only by following the procedure which is mentioned below,

First up you will have to download your choice of radio for the htc incredible after which you will have to make sure that you have renamed the file name with file or else it will not recognize.

Now, after this you will have to connect your HTC Incredible device to the computer with the help of USB cable and then you will have to open the terminal and need to run the following commands as it is.

adb push /sdcard/

adb shell md5sum /sdcard/

adb reboot bootloader

Please note that the md5 path is correctly entered or else the process will not carry out successfully.
Now, after the above commands, the HTC incredible will be rebooting, normally in the fastboot mode after which by pressing the power button, the boot loader will scan the radio update and as soon as it finds the path you need to select Yes. After selecting yes, allow the bootloader to finish the flashing process and update the radio after which just reboot the device normally.

Procedure to Flash Cyanogen Mod in HTC Incredible:
First Method (via Rom Manager)

  • First you will have to Launch Rom Manager application from your HTC Incredible and then you need to select the first option which is Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery to update the latest version.
  • Now, select Download ROM option from the main menu list from the ROM Manager Menu.
  • After this, select the Cyanogenmod option, and then choose the latest version of Cyanogenmod from the menu and when you select the latest version of the Cyanogenmod, ensure that you also check the Google Apps option as Google Applications too are need to be loaded.
  • Now, once the ROM is finished downloading, it will prompt you to Backup Existing ROM and Wipe Data and Cache.

Please note that if here, the Superuser prompts for root permissions, you will have to check to Remember and then Allow the corresponding operations. Now, at this moment the HTC Incredible will now reboot into the recovery, wipe data and cache, and then install Cyanogen Mod. When it’s finished installing it will reboot into the Cyanogen Mod and that’s it you have successfully installed the latest Cyanogen Mod 7 in your HTC Incredible.

Second Method (via Recovery)

  • After downloading the latest version of Cyanogen Mod 7 for HTC Incredible along with the, place both the Cyanogen Mod as well as the Google Apps of them to the root of the SD Card. Now, after this you will have to boot the HTC Incredible into the ClockworkMod Recovery mode.
  • Now, once the device boots into the ClockworkMod Recovery mode, with the use of the side volume buttons to move around, and either the power button or the trackball to select.
  • Here, now you will have to install the zip from the SD Card which can be done by choosing the Zip file from the SD card and then select the Cyanogenmod

So, from the above two methods of flashing along with the Radio loading into the device, you can choose the one of your choice. Do let us know if you come across any problems, we will guide you in solving the same.

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