How To Update Motorola Droid X to 4.5.596.MB810 Gingerbread 2.3 Firmware

Verizon Droid X Update LogoIt’s Official. With so many updates and so many different regions of the phone, it’s always a doubt on whether actually the update has arrived which is the official or is just a beta release which may come along with some of the minor or major bugs. But you don’t have to worry anymore as Motorola along with the Verizon have jointly decided to push the official Gingerbread 2.3 update for all of its Droid X users. So, let’s check out on how you can update your Droid X manually as well as automatically. There are many beta releases of the Gingerbread 2.3 but the one which is original and is official is here. So, let’s check out on what are the things which are improved in this version and what are the things which are new in this version.

The new version of the Gingerbread is dubbed as 4.5.596.MB810 and comes along with many improvements which are mentioned below,

Enhancements in 2.3 Gingerbread for Droid X:

  • Now all downloads are easy to manage as with the help of the special download application which comes loaded in the Gingerbread 2.3 version you can keep a track on all the downloads which you have made on your Android. In this downloads folder all the things which you have downloaded at the time of web browsing, email attachments and also other applications are being shown over here.
  • With this update you can also enjoy the benefit of knowing App and power management details. Under the manage applications, you will find a new Running“ tab which will showcase the list of applications which are active applications and also it shows the storage and memory which are being used by each other.
  • Ability to key in the numbers along with the Symbols with the enhanced keyboard in place of the normal numeric key board mode which is way better than earlier as this one has got the swanky multi touch key chording. Additionally you can also enjoy the improved word selection and the copy tool has been substantially improved with a newer set of interface.
  • With all new user interface and the green colored interface along with the new widgets, icons as well as the refreshed set of colors are a part of this new Gingerbread 2.3 update. The other added list of customizable includes static phone application launcher and also the contacts icons are replaced within the customizable dock which is located and placed at the bottom of the home screen and also the application menu allows you to make the custom application groups apart from the default 3 groups which are all applications, recent applications and also the downloaded applications.
  • From now based on the usage, participant and addressee suggestions are made in Calendar entries, emails and text messages. Create groups instantly based on the context of what you’re doing. For example, quickly create a group based on a suggestion Calendar invitee list or the group of people with whom you’re texting.
  • Apart from this, users will also be able to,

– Display the current calendar event in your own time zone and also can dismiss the reminders along with the easy to use conference dialing which can be done using the conference code directly right from the calendar.

– Geo tagging as well as the camera application has been substantially improved so as to deliver better user interface. Also, the calendar appointments created on the device with the Active Sync will be displayed properly on the device itself.

  • The stock email application now comes along with the great contact sync along with the multiple sync and also the email push now works brilliantly with the help of exchange active sync. Forwarding mails as well as the POP3 / IMAP emails are now shown with the correct date stamp which was the bug in earlier version which is solved in this Gingerbread release.
  • Last but not the least, the battery life has been substantially increased and also it’s now optimized to give longer battery life along with the better bluetooth discover ability and also most importantly the bug of low light camera shooting bug due to which the images shooted in the low light used to come with disturbance has now been solved.

Note: Since the firmware update has been updated, all the APN Settings will be cleared. So, to access all the data services / MMS / Internet, you will have to get the Internet settings from from your Service provider.

Pre Upgrade Instructions:

  • The pre upgrade instructions are mentioned below, kindly ensure that you follow each and every instruction carefully which will lead to comfortable upgrade of the device.
  • Please note that this update is only available for Verizon powered Motorola Droid X phones and not for any other phones.
  • Since the firmware update process will take place it’s always advised to create a back up of all the data as in an unlikely even you may end up losing all the information which is present in your phone. Before proceeding to update, you need to ensure that you have synced all your contacts with your Google Account, all sms, applications, videos and music files which are there in your phone should be taken a backup or else the data will be lost. Anything which is in SD card will not be lost, so you can alternatively move to SD Card. If you are planning to store in internal SD Card then it’s preferred to store the data in computer as a backup as in an unlikely event the data in SD Card may get corrupted.
  • If your device has undergone the rooting process then after the update you will have to again root the device as the rooting access is filled by this update. The users who have already updated their device has reportedly said about the increase in the overall quadrant ranks along with many other great set of features.
  • Ensure that you have an at least 50% of battery power so that update gets successfully completed as the firmware update requires more battery life than the normal usage. Alternatively, if you don’t want to update via your 3G connection then you can also turn ON the Wi Fi to download the firmware over the Wi Fi.
  • If you have rooted your device before then after the firmware update you will have to again root the device as the rooting access gets revoked.

Procedure to install Gingerbread 2.3 for Motorola Droid X:

There are two ways for upgrading the firmware update, one is the updation process which is the Over the air automatic one which is the server initiated one and the second method is the one which is the user initiated OTA (Over the Air) update one. So, let’s proceed and see both of these methods in the due course of this update. Please note that you will have to make sure that you either have a high speed internet connection in the form of Wi Fi or even the normal 3G internet connectivity will be enough so as to facilitate the smoother firmware update. Also, note that installation process might take long depending upon the data connectivity speed and also ensure that the current version of your Droid X is 2.3.340 and not to any other or else you will not get the OTA update release. The update size is 112 MB and according to the data speed, the files will be downloaded and installed and in all might take a maximum of 1 hour and not more than that in any case.

Firmware Update process (Automatic – Server Initiated):

  • As soon as you receive the update notification on your Droid X screen, you will have to tap on the option “Download” and then you will have to choose the option called “Install Now” and then after this the phone will be rebooting and will turn ON to commence the installation process and soon it will begin the process.

Droid X Update AvailableInstall Update Droid X

  • Please note that, just in case if you wish to update the phone later, you can choose the option called “Install later” and selecting so will again take you back to the home screen and you can continue using the phone but after 12 hours you will again get the notification for the updation.

Droid X Update successful

Now, if you have chosen to install now then the device will be powering on and then progress bar will show the installing icon wherein after the installation process is done the device will be powering off and then will be powered ON and as soon as the installation is done then you will get the notification like as mentioned below in the form of confirmation. All you need to enjoy the new firmware is to just tap on the OK button to confirm the update on your Motorola Droid X.

Firmware Update process ( Manual – Server Initiated):

  • First up tap on the “Menu” and select the “Settings” after which you need to tap on the “About Phone” by scrolling down.

About Phone Droid X

  • Next up, after tapping on the “About Phone”, tap on the System Updates which is located at the top itself as shown in the below screen shot.

System Updates Droid X

  • Now, select the “download” from the notification window to proceed with the updation of the phone as shown below.

Droid X Update Available

  • The download of the firmware is initiated and so, once the download is completed you will now have to now tap on the option of “Install now” to apply this firmware update in your phone. The downloading process may take up to 45-50 minutes depending on the data rate / Speed.

Install Update Droid X

  • Now, within 10 – 15 minutes you will see that the update is installed, please note that while the update is being installed don’t interrupt as interrupting will halt the software update and will lead to unsuccessful update.

Droid X Update successful

So there you go, you have now successfully updated the Motorola Droid X with the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3 version. Please note that since in the firmware update process the APN settings gets cleared you will have to now ensure that you have configured all the required APN settings only with which you can easily access the Internet, in the process of firmware upgradation all the APN settings with which you can browse the internet gets cleared or deleted. Along with the Internet settings, you also will have to restore the back up of all the applications, messages, contacts etc so that your phone comes back to normal with all the data which was there before the firmware updation.

Do let us know if you face any issues while updating the device and just in case if the update is being interrupted due to the data connectivity loss or due to any other reasons then all you need to do is to just re follow the whole procedure which is mentioned above.



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