Identify Colors using Android Camera with Smartphone Color Grab App

Color Grab Android Camera FlashIdentifying the most basic colors is possible for most of us, but going a little deeper into it and trying to play around with the shades and color combinations, there needs some programmed tools or extra skills. For those who are using Android phones, there is an easier option by using an Application called Color Grab, which does the job in the most easiest and fastest way. This is the most simplest on-the-go color picker and recognition tool that helps in multiple ways.

The app would be the most advantageous for the graphic designers who would want to go deep into the exact values of the particular color, and the color blinds who find it difficult to identify a color. It comes with the Color name, Hue, RGB and HSV representation.

This app doesn’t need any special tricks or knowledge to use, and the functioning is simple. You need to open the app which would automatically open the camera and focus on various objects, and you can click on any particular region where you want to check for the color or the exact RGB value of it. On an instant, the result would be shown on the same screen, or you can check it later by going to the Archives where not just the color code but also the rough color and the other values are shown.

Color Grab App Android Color Grab Android Color Captured

Here are some of the best features of the Color Grab app:

  • No click to capture required, as the color diagnosis and recognition is done instantly on the screen itself
  • Smart color stabilizer when you are selecting a particular area for color picking
  • Smart Auto-focus, and in fact works like a macro mode while focusing on very close objects
  • Works with / without Camera flash. It depends on your wish whether to turn the flash on/off
  • Almost all the phones are supported, and it works with both Rear and Front cameras
  • Instant saving of the picked color, and keeping it as an archive
  • There are 16 basic color categories in the index, while a total of 1300 colors to recognize through this app

Color Grab Android List  Color Grab Android Help

The app is pretty simple, so you won’t be able to do much more productive things like sharing the color information with others, than just viewing it in the list or delete it from the list.

One of the other advantages of the Color Grab app is that it is totally free of cost, and there are no ads too. You would see the entire screen filled with the camera capturing area and the other options, and no annoying ads.
To install the Color Grab application, you need to go to the Google Play Store – Link
You can directly send the app to your phone if you have added it to your Google Play Store account, or else you would need to go to the Play Store from your Android phone and download the application by searching “Color Grab”.

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