Nanu, Android app with Free Worldwide Calling facility to Mobiles & Landlines – Details

Nanu, an all new android app which was launched quite a while back offers free voice calls to non-nanu users as well. With the likes of Skype, Viber already in the business, this android app is fast going viral and lets check out on what all it offers and how it offers the calling facility to which all countries. The best part of this app is that with this you can also make calls to the landline as well as mobile phone numbers. This app comes with the simple and beautiful interface with easy to use controls.


So just in case if you thought that it’s a PAID app, then it’s not the case as it’s the FREE app, the only catch being it’s the Advertisement based app.

How NANU makes money?
While the opposite user picks up the call, you will be hearing a short advertisement and once the opposite party picks up the call, the ad will stop playing. The revenue of the call is being compensated/ subsidized with the advertisement revenue and Nanu is working with companies like Nestle, PayPal, HTC, KFC etc. to make this app much more popular.

This NANU app also works on the 2G networks and is best suited for the markets where 2G is still prominent and 3G hasn’t picked up yet. This aspect of the app makes this app different from other apps like Skype, Viber etc.

Free calling Details to Landlines & Mobiles
Not unlimited calls, but this app gives free 15 minutes of credit to call to non-nanu users and only for the first million users. Initially, free calls to landlines will only be limited to 41 countries which includes US, UK etc. while free calls to mobile phones includes the list of countries like India, Hungary, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, US & Israel.

The bad part of this is that as of now you can’t buy the credit even if you want to as you will have to wait for some more time since company is yet to launch this refilling thing of balance.

As of now NANU App is only available for Android, very soon this app will also be launched on IOS platform as well.

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you need any more details about this new app.

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